Be good to yourself orison swett marden pdf

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be good to yourself orison swett marden pdf

Orison Swett Marden - Author of motivational books

Marden is one of the founding fathers of the personal development movement and the founder and first publisher of Success Magazine. He wrote many books back in the late 19th century and early 20th century. What I like about reading books that are older, is that the same things that applied then, apply now, they just had a different spin on them. Also, I like the fact that some of the material is outdated and made sense for the time, but to see how far we have come as a society is interesting as well. This book summary is comprised of the chapter titles and a few of my notes from the chapter. Also, each chapter begins with a quote and these also provide a nice takeaway for you. I believe the chapter title itself gives you a nice nugget that you can apply today to get be all that you can.
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FULL AudioBook -- "THE VICTORIOUS ATTITUDE" by Orison Swett Marden

I like the design you are doing to your books.

Be good to yourself

Copyright, , By Louis Klopsch. The great need at this hour is manly men. We want no goody-goody piety; we have too much of it. We want men who will do right, though the heavens fall, who believe in God, and who will confess Him. All the world cries, Where is the man who will save us?

What a grasp the mind would have if we could always hold the victorious attitude toward everything! Sweeping past obstacles and reaching out into the energy of the universe it would gather to itself material for building a life in its own image. To be a conqueror in appearance, in one's bearing, is the first step toward success. It inspires confidence in others as well as in oneself. Walk, talk and act as though you were a somebody, and you are more likely to become such.

If you want to reach your potential and stay there, there's one thing you absolutely must do - think well of yourself. Those who believe they don't deserve much from life ultimately discover that they don't get much from life.
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  1. Orison Swett Marden, founder of Success Magazine , is also considered to be the founder of the modern success movement in America.

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