Saying no to vaccines pdf download

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saying no to vaccines pdf download

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In terms of public health, childhood vaccination programs have benefits that far outweigh risks. However, some parents decide not to vaccinate their children. This paper explores the ways in which such parents talked about the perceived risks and benefits incurred by vaccinating or not vaccinating their children. Interviews were conducted in an open and non-judgmental manner, akin to empathic neutrality. Interviews focused on parents talking about the factors that shaped their decisions not to or partially vaccinate their children.
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Vaccine hesitancy

If you have been following the US presidential elections, you are, in all likelihood, aware of the controversy surrounding mandatory childhood vaccination. Vaccines have risen to the limelight in recent years, but their history is much longer than that. Ever since the first vaccination was scientifically documented in [1], they have reshaped the landscape of human health and medicine. The impacts of vaccines have ranged from the eradication of polio in the US [2] and the eradication of smallpox worldwide [3], to prevention of cancer of the liver [4] and the cervix [5]. In fact, vaccines have been so influential that some scientists consider them among the greatest successes in public health [6].

Vaccine hesitancy is a reluctance or refusal to be vaccinated or to have one's children vaccinated. It is identified by the World Health Organization as one of the top ten global health threats of Hesitancy primarily results from public debates around the medical, ethical and legal issues related to vaccines. The specific hypotheses raised by anti-vaccination advocates have been found to change over time. Bills for mandatory vaccination have been considered for legislation, including California Senate Bill and Australia's No Jab No Pay , all of which have been strenuously opposed by anti-vaccination activists.

Metrics details. In high income countries, vaccine-preventable diseases have been greatly reduced through routine vaccination programs. Despite this success, many parents question, and a small proportion even refuse vaccination for their children. As no qualitative studies have explored the factors behind these decisions among Dutch parents, we performed a study using online focus groups. The use of online focus groups proved to be an effective qualitative research method providing meaningful data. Information provided by the NIP turned out to be insufficient for this group of parents. More trust in the NIP and deliberate decisions might result from increased parental understanding of lifestyle and disease susceptibility, the impact of vaccinations on the immune system, and the relative risks of diseases and their vaccines.

Increasing and maintaining vaccination uptake is vital for vaccines to achieve their success.
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