Hercolubus or red planet pdf download

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hercolubus or red planet pdf download

Hercolubus or The Red Planet, page 1

Most of these predictions warn us of great catastrophes on Earth such as an imminent pole shift, the consequent ice caps melting and the disappearing of huge areas of land due to strong earthquakes and tsunamis. There are countless prophecies that have something in common: they talk specifically about the approach of a huge planet that comes near to us periodically. That planet would have arrived to our solar system in former occasions to unleash cataclysms that wiped out the civilizations in Lemuria and Atlantis. Now, it would come to put an end to our current civilization and thus give rise to a new era. It is recognised in many traditions, prophecies and sacred books under different names such as: Baal , Cold Planet , Red Planet , Wormwood , Ajenjo , Hercolubus , Barnard I , and many more. Such a planet would already be visible with telescopes and its size would be about six times that of Jupiter. In the coming and going of life, everything returns to its beginning or to its end.
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Hercolubus, a giant planet, is aproaching - Prophecies - Free Book

Hercolubus Or Red Planet [Urdu Predictions]

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V.M. Rabolú HERCOLUBUS OR RED PLANET HERCOLUBUS OR RED PLANET Joaquín Enrique Amórtegui Valbuena (V.M. Rabolú) Title of the Colombian.
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