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greatest spider man graphic novels

Best Spider-Man comics: the greatest Spider-Man stories, ranked

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The Best Spider-Man Comics / Where to Start


It may have taken 10 film appearances from Spider-Man before we got to see Mysterio on the big screen, but don't be fooled, the fishbowl- wearing master of illusions is one of Spidey's oldest villains. Spider-Man vs. One of the key plot points of the film, which was used heavily in the promotion of the film, is the existence of the Marvel Multiverse, and Mysterio's origin as the survivor of another Earth. Learn more about Mysterio from two universes, while also enjoying the first meeting between the two Spider-Men. While it was also revealed that they were working with the real Nick Fury, who seemed to be working on a space station, it also invites a possible dark direction for the MCU. Secret Invasion features the Skrulls in a full-on invasion of the planet using Super-Skrulls powered with the abilities of Marvel's heroes.

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In addition to this, Spidey also has perhaps the most impressive rogues gallery in all of Marvel Comics, as well as one of the most expansive and lovable casts of supporting characters. With that mind, CBR is here to examine 25 of the very best stories the wall-crawler has to offer.

Not only is he swinging back into theaters and consoles this summer, but Marvel Comics is celebrating the character's 50th anniversary. Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and first appearing in Amazing Fantasy 15, Peter Parker is one of the most resilient superheroes of all time, enduring tragedy after tragedy, yet always saving Manhattan with a smile on his face and a bad joke or five. To celebrate our love of the wonderful wall-crawler, we're looking back on his 25 greatest stories -- not an easy feat with 50 years of history to dig through. Be warned, though, if you've never read these stories, there are spoilers within. Most of said spoilers are decades old, but hey, you never know.

You can't beat one of the best Spider-Man comics. He may have been climbing walls for more than half a century, but Spider-Man has never seemed younger. Holland has confirmed that he is staying as Spider-Man, though, even though the character is once more solely Sony's property. Bitten by a radioactive spider back in , Peter Parker has wisecracked his way through comics, TV shows and movies. You'll find it on YouTube. Even the uninitiated know Spidey lore, and have a passing knowledge of his Rogues' Gallery The Sandman, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, Electro to name a few , but how many of you have been keeping track of his graphic adventures?


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