How to publish your own graphic novel

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how to publish your own graphic novel

How to Self-Publish a Graphic Novel

He is the author of the epic Emaneska Series , and a new western fantasy series, the Scarlet Star Trilogy. While we authors are no stranger to self-publishing or writing, when it comes to art, particularly graphic novels, we can feel a little bit like a fish out of water. Three and a half years ago I had the idea to convert my debut epic fantasy — The Written — into a graphic novel. I've always been a huge fan of comics and graphic novels. They are an incredible art form, a perfect combination of impressive art flowing alongside a punchy, straight to the point story. As I write in a very cinematic way, almost directing the characters across the pages, converting my prose to portraits made sense. Kickstarter is a fantastic platform but it's an incredible amount of work.
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02 – How to publish your comic book as an unknown author?

I didn't set out to make a proper book, but as time progressed it became thing until I ended up self-publishing and releasing a graphic novel which ideas and belief in your own projects, after all, if I can do this, so can you!.

Writing and Publishing Graphic Novels from Start to Finish

Download the Kindle Comic Creator tool to prepare your comic, manga or graphic novel. You can create double page spreads and build a guided navigation experience with Kindle Panel View. Sign in to KDP using your Amazon account or email address to set up your title. Enter the required title information your book title, author name etc. Select the territories you have the rights to sell your title in and click publish. Get access to Amazon's powerful marketing tools including personalized widgets such as 'More items to consider Learn more about KDP Select.

It's Not All Superheroes and Funny Pages

Bring your stories and illustrations to life in full-color books and ebooks. Raise the profile of your project with a Kickstarter campaign Get professional help from Blurb-approved experts Put your book up for sale on Amazon, and over 39, other retailers Decrease your per unit cost when you order in volume. Make a Comic Book Bring your stories and illustrations to life in full-color books and ebooks. Get Started. Your art and characters belong to you.

I n the last decade or so, comics and graphic novels have burst into the mainstream literary scene. Anybody can write a comic. About anything. Comics and graphic novels are a medium, not a genre. Big-time comic publishers have their own in-house editors, but what about the indie comic creator? If you want a professional editor, it might be difficult, but they are out there. A few editors offer services specifically for comics, though they take a little digging to find.

One of the things that amuses me about publishing my first graphic novel is that prior to engaging in this project a few years ago, I had never read one. I had some sense of graphic novels, of course, but I paid them no heed. However, when I was approached about converting my memoir, published in , into a graphic novel, I had to face my ignorance and arrogance. Here are some things this graphic novel neophyte learned through his baptism of fire. While still not fully mainstream, you have probably already noticed the proliferation of graphic novels where you shop for books. I have experienced this sales surge firsthand.

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  1. I learnt a lot through this process and thought my journey would be worth sharing to perhaps give you some ideas and belief in your own projects, after all, if I can do this, so can you!

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