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de andrè la buona novella

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La Buona Novella is a concept album inspired by the life of Jesus Christ. This is, of course, a topic that has been done in every media and in every possible way since year AD 1, as it constitutes the central story of Christianity, and by extension of a good deal of Western culture. Clearly, he had to expect controversy from the right which was probably welcomed, anyway , but he also risked alienating his own leftist audience, considering the serious, deeply respectful tone of this work. Several factors contribute to the stunning originality of La Buona Novella. The main change is one of perspective, as the story of Jesus is not told by the disciples, but by minor characters who are casual and often unwilling witnesses: the thieves, their mothers, the carpenter who builds the crosses, Mary and Joseph. By contrast, not only there is no song by Jesus, but also his entire life and miracles are bypassed altogether.
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Full Album -La Buona Novella di Fabrizio De Andre'

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Fabrizio De André:La Buona Novella (1970)

Laudate Hominem Total incl. Nice Italian traditional pop-rock with some prog elements, Baroque touches and even few folk motives. Or let say with plenty of small reminders they were progressive band few decades ago. Very melodic, nostalgic, melancholic music. Plenty of vocal, poetic balladry atmosphere crossing all album. Music is not too complex to be accepted as serious progressivo, but very competent and professional for vintage Italian prog-rock.

La buona novella con la testimonianza preziosa e appassionata di don Carlo Maria Scaciga, presbitero della diocesi di Novara. Che cosa si nasconde dietro la genesi poetica di un disco, pietra miliare della cultura musicale del Novecento? Valeva dunque la pena riprendere in mano, a quasi mezzo secolo di distanza dalla sua uscita, un capolavoro come La buona novella , assumendo come punto focale la preziosa, appassionata, e in gran parte inedita, testimonianza di don Carlo Maria Scaciga, presbitero della diocesi di Novara, che costituisce il cuore di questa nuova esplorazione. Publisher: Edizioni Terra Santa. Odoardo Semellini , operatore culturale presso il Comune di Carpi, esperto di cantautori e di fumetti, con B. Salvarani ha scritto Di questa cosa che chiami vita.

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Its plot revolves around the New Testament apocrypha. After a year of work, the album was ready. Narration in this album, in accordance with the apocrypha, emphasizes the human traits of traditional biblical characters e. Joseph and focuses more on some minor characters e. Titus and Dumachus , the two thieves crucified along with Jesus. The short opener "Laudate dominum" "Praise the Lord" , sung by an operatic church-like choir, introduces to the first song, which is about Mary's childhood.



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