How much does it cost to book justin bieber

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how much does it cost to book justin bieber

Here's how much it would cost to book your favourite band | The Independent

Watch videos YouTube Vimeo. For more suggestions, proceed to the next page. More Information. This is the month of October update of this page. Cost, fee and pricing are available. Justin Bieber [BEE-ber] may be available for your next special event! Teen Pop.
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Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris (Official Music Video)

A booking agency has issued a list of fees for bands and artists ranging from the Kanye Wests and Killers of this world to the Danny Browns and Wavves, making for fascinating reading. The list shows just how unaffordable it would be to have Flo Rida play your wedding if you were so inclined , while smaller but nevertheless well known acts are a relative bargain.

How Much Would It Cost To Hire Justin Bieber, Rihanna For A Private Party?

Note: as a reader pointed out, these are asking prices from a third-party booking agency that specializes in college shows; as such, the numbers are likely inflated. Actual prices negotiated by many of these performers are contingent on a variety of factors. Before you read these lists, a few things should be clarified. First of all, they aren't perfect: a few acts are out of place, or suspiciously off -- we'll try to address these below. You'll also notice that there are a few anomalies, and acts that aren't music-related ie.

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Celebrity Direct Inc. Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber was barely into his teens when he released his debut, My World, and became one of the youngest success stories in contemporary pop when it went either platinum or double platinum in several countries. For the next few years, successive releases — including remix compilations, acoustic sets, a documentary tie-in, a Christmas album, and even some proper studio recordings — shot forth at a dizzying rate. Bieber developed a massive global following, named Beliebers. During the early s, his recording activity slowed, and he had more of a presence on celebrity gossip websites than on sales charts, but he rebounded during the middle of that decade.

The shortest route to stardom for upcoming musicians is having a star featured on your track. Even if it is just a verse or an appearance it boosts the level of the song and spices things up real fast. Unless such a star is your relative or best buddy, getting to feature them is like a building project. This article looks at one of your favourite young singers of all time, Justin Bieber aka JB. Justin Bieber has made a huge impact in the music industry since his advent.

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  1. If you have an event, having a celebrity grace it – much more perform – will create a lot of buzz for the event and, possibly, huge returns and success. But don't.

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  3. Taylor Swift, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, James Taylor, Dave Matthews, Bruce Springsteen, and Bon Jovi each stand to bank.

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