Gamification for employee engagement pdf

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gamification for employee engagement pdf

Gamification of Employee Engagement & Company Culture

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Published 25.06.2019

Using Gamification for Improving Employee Engagement and Organization’s Overall Performance

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Gamification, the finer art: fostering creativity and employee engagement

Fostering employee engagement in large organizations is a formidable problem that gets even more challenging in a sluggish economy, when the standard lever of monetary incentives are not a viable option for boosting employee engagement and motivation. As the organization gets larger, building emotional connectedness or bonding becomes challenging as teams expand to operate in different time zones. The overwhelming pace of work in the modern workplace can also hamper bonding. Yet emotional connectedness, when present, serves as a catalyst in driving superior performance and employee loyalty. The culture of many large organizations discourages innovation and out-of-the-box thinking because their institutional structures encourage risk aversion. Even though large organizations are best positioned to absorb the ups and downs of intelligent risk-taking, their talent processes enforce conformity, legitimize mediocrity and penalize failed attempts at innovative thinking. Performance appraisals tend to promote employees who take the path of least resistance.

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Abstract: Gamification is a novel phenomenon that has been rising in popularity in the recent years and has its application in various fields. This thesis focuses on gamification in the organisational setting and aims to understand how it influences employee engagement. This study applies Maslach et al. Specifically, this thesis examines how gamification is perceived by employees, and the role that gamification plays in employee engagement in a Finnish ICT Consulting firm. Thus, the study attempts to bridge the concepts of gamification and employee engagement in order to enhance knowledge about the value of gamification for firms.

Engagement is defined as — the employees are engaged if they are psychologically aligned with the organization goals and are willing to make positive contribution towards the goal. Games on the other hand enjoy a huge level of participation and fan fallowing among its users. Video games are becoming increasingly complex, detailed, and compelling to a growing audience of players. Owing to this stark contrast of engagement between games and workplace, Gamification provides a way to efficiently engage employees at workplace using game elements which have proven to be engaging and often addictive. Gamification is not only about playful activities.

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  1. Organizations across industries are turning to gamification to crack the employee engagement code. Gamification has been used by companies to engage their.

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