Networking basics for dummies pdf

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networking basics for dummies pdf

Top Networking Interview Questions & Answers

The rise of computer networks has advanced communication today. With smart devices and services like emails quickly replacing the traditional methods. The world today relies on the internet for everyday activities. In order to understand networking basics concepts, you need to take networking courses online. The computer networks consist of several unique components operating together. Also, the protocols and technologies, form the necessary parts of the connection.
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Introduction to IT Infrastructure

Network Basics: The Seven Layers of the OSI Reference Model

Computer networks consist of many different components, technologies and protocols working together. Most modern networks use wireless wi-Fi as the main connection media and networks tend to be a mixture of wired and wireless. The diagram below shows a wired Ethernet network. To work each device must be connected to a Ethernet hub or switch. For a Wireless network the devices must connect to a wire access point as shown in the diagram below. Wireless access usually have an Ethernet hub built in which allows them to connect to the wired Ethernet network.

This document covers the basics of how networking works, and how to use different devices to build networks. Computer networking has existed for many years, and as time has passed the technologies have become faster and less expensive. Networks are made up of various devices—computers, switches, routers—connected together by cables or wireless signals. Understanding the basics of how networks are put together is an important step in building a wireless network in a community or neighborhood. Reading through this material should take between half an hour to an hour. Exploring the activities and details of the subject with a group will take longer. An important relationship on networks is that of the server and the client.

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OSI sounds like the name of a top-secret government agency you hear about only in Tom Clancy novels. The OSI model breaks the various aspects of a computer network into seven distinct layers. These layers are kind of like the layers of an onion: Each successive layer envelops the layer beneath it, hiding its details from the levels above. Rather, the OSI model is a framework into which the various networking standards can fit. So, in a sense, the OSI model is sort of a standard of standards. The first three layers are sometimes called the lower layers. They deal with the mechanics of how information is sent from one computer to another over a network.



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  1. The network computer that contains the hard drives, printers, and other resources that are shared with other network computers is called a server.

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