Picture books for text to text connections

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picture books for text to text connections

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Prior Knowledge. Strategies Together. Please turn on JavaScript to view this page properly. Educator Definition: Readers relate what they read to personal experiences text-to-self , to information from other text text-to-text , and to information about the world text-to-world in order to enhance understanding of self, text, and life. Student Definition: Make connections between different things I read. For this activity, students move an avatar through a 3D landscape as they attempt to "climb" the Mountain of Understanding.
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Making text-to-text connections

Book list for Making Connections - text to self, text to text, and text When picking text to self books, it is important to look for books that have a theme that kids.

Text-to-Text, Text-to-Self, Text-to-World

Schema is the background knowledge and experience readers bring to the text. Good readers draw on prior knowledge and experience to help them understand what they are reading and are thus able to use that knowledge to make connections. Struggling readers often move directly through a text without stopping to consider whether the text makes sense based on their own background knowledge, or whether their knowledge can be used to help them understand confusing or challenging materials. Accessing prior knowledge and experiences is a good starting place when teaching strategies because every student has experiences, knowledge, opinions, and emotions that they can draw upon. Keene and Zimme rman concluded that students comprehend better when they make different kinds of connections:. Sometimes when reading, readers are reminded of other things that they have read, other books by the same author, stories from a similar genre, or perhaps on the same topic. These types of connections are text-to-text connections.

Text-to-Text Connections

Making text connections is an easy way for first graders to begin to think a little more deeply about what they are reading. As they draw on prior experiences to help them understand the text better, they become more active readers. Start with text-to-self connections and then move on to teaching text-to-text and text-to-world connections. Text-to-self connections are made when students are able to connect something that happens in a story to something that has happened in their own lives. First graders can easily learn how to make these connections and once they have they will be able to transition to making the other types of connections. Day 1 Begin teaching text-to-self connections by model making connections during a read aloud.

Look for connections that will help you understand and enjoy what you read. For thousands of years, the Mountain of Understanding has attracted people seeking understanding. The journey is long and difficult, but it brings many rewards. Are you ready to begin your journey up the mountain? All you need for the journey is this bag. Inside it are a handful of sentences. They don't mean much on their own.

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