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mac book pro blu ray

How to Play Blu-ray on Macbook Pro and Macbook Air

Announcement: We are excited to announce the newest addition to the community: macOS Catalina. If you have a question or know a thing or two about macOS Catalina, we want to hear from you. We are excited to announce the newest addition to the community: macOS Catalina. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Anyone know how to play BluRay on a MacBook?? Is it even possible?
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Published 11.03.2019

Install / Swap an internal 9.5 Blu-Ray burner/player drive in a 2012 Macbook Pro (UJ267)

[Resolved]Can I Play Blu-ray Movie on MacBook Pro?

The MacBook Pro has no built-in support for Blu-ray discs. The differences are internal, so placing a Blu-ray disc in your MacBook Pro will not damage the drive, but it also won't allow you to view your movie. The laptop does include USB, FireWire and Thunderbolt ports, so you can add an external drive to your MacBook that connects to one of these ports if you find a drive with Mac-compatible software. Blu-ray discs are encoded with programming beyond that of a normal DVD. This is what allows the interactive features of Blu-ray, such as pop-up menus. This programming is based in the Java programming language, and you must have software on your MacBook Pro that decodes it properly for the movie to play. You also need a driver that allows an external Blu-ray player to communicate with your Mac.

Equipped with fourth-generation dual-core and quad-core Intel processors, brand-new graphics and PCle-based flash-storage, MacBook Pro shows us stunning playing effect on its Retina display and provides us large capacity for tons of files. With over 5 million pixels in in version and over 4 million on the in version, both deliver unprecedented clarity in playing video. All these make this laptop a perfect place for Blu-ray playing. Sleek and modern, this laptop sits at the midway point between slim ultrabook and mainstream powerhouse. However, the powerful Macbook Pro still needs an external Blu-ray drive to play Blu-ray disc, which means there's no built-in Blu-ray playing software either. Another similar device, Macbook Air, is even more convenient player, especially for female users.

Usually, the build-in drive that comes with a computer can only read DVD. Next, we will introduce you the easiest way to play Blu-ray movie disc on MacBook Pro. VLC is the first option that comes into my mind. And we also wrote how to play Blu-ray with VLC before. But, the process is complex for some user. By using this Blu-ray player, you can get a lossless sound effect as well as HD image quality. Then, insert your Blu-ray movie disc into the drive.

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If you want to play a Blu-ray file, just click on "Open File" on the main interface and choose the Blu-ray video you would like to watch from local media files, then click "Open". -





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  1. Jun 13, Mac users who prefer physical media might be often play the DVD, Blu-ray movie disc on their MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, etc. It's easy to open.

  2. Fortunately, with a little inexpensive hardware and software, you can turn your Mac into an awesome Blu-ray player.

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