10 books that will blow your mind

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10 books that will blow your mind

25 Books That Will Blow Your Mind - Business Insider

There are books that change your entire mindset and shift your perception into a hole new paradigm. These books inspire you to read more and to pursue more enlightenment. Exactly what WhytoRead is all about. The books on this list will do just that. Blow your mind and put it back together in a whole new way. He tries to prove his sanity, but no one believes him. This is where a psychopath test comes in handy.
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10 authors/books that can blow your mind

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Years after Amir betrayed his childhood friend Hassan, he sets out to reconcile their past — but learns in so many surprising ways how a single event could alter both their lives forever. This book cracked my heart wide open and left my jaw on the floor too many times to count. My Sister's Keeper already had me crying hysterically — and THEN, in the biggest turn of events, left me completely inconsolable for about a week. It's my favorite book of all time This twist flings everything that preceded it straight out the window. I stayed up one night to finish Life of Pi for a class and, afterwards I had to lie in the dark and process the ways Martel had expanded and exploded his narrative. It's absolutely brilliant; I've read it four times now and every time I'm left in awe.

There's not much that can beat the feeling of falling headfirst into a book full of twists, turns, and explosive plot points. It all builds up to a surprise ending , one that if the writer has done her or his job correctly, will shock you and make you flip back through the pages to see how you could have missed it coming. I love finding a book that leaves my jaw literally hanging open, especially if I'm in public and more aware of my expressions. If a book ending can make me look or sound like an insane person in public, then I'd say it did its job phenomenally. As I've grown older and spent years in college studying writing , I have much more respect for writers who can skillfully pace out a book so that the ending remains unpredictable and amazing.

The best books have the potential to stick with you long after you've finished them . Some can even affect 25 books that will stick with you and blow your mind .. The 10 best Leonardo DiCaprio movies, ranked. Read the.
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Ah, philosophy. What is truth?, Science fiction and techno go together like Berlin and Detroit.

Occasionally, there are books that blow your mind; books that once you read, you never ever forget. Whatever the case, these are those blow-the-fuck-out-of-your-mind books that will change your reading forever. They might not be the 'best' ever books, but they do something marvelously unique in some way and deserve to be read by everyone who loves fantasy or science fiction. It is such a complex weave of ideas, intrigue, mysticism and unique landscapes are present in Dune that you'll never, ever forget your first read through it. The exotic desert setting, tapestry of complex characters, and intricate plot threads that come together into a dramatic climax just straight out blew my mind.

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  1. 10 Mind Blowing Books. There are books that change your entire mindset and shift your perseption into a hole new paradigm. The best mind.

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