List of 2016 decision making books

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list of 2016 decision making books

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In this post, I will tell you the best decision making books, so far. Luckily for you, I already compiled the best books on decision making and problem solving that will help you overcome this problem faced by many people. Published in , Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman is an intelligent read that details behavioral science. Daniel Kahneman talks widely on the research that he conducted over decades and his phases over the years of his career. From the initial days of working on cognitive biases to working in prospect theory, to his later work on happiness, Daniel Kahneman manages to explain in detail about human tendencies and behaviors by putting his own journey as a backdrop to lead the book. Focusing on psychology, behavioral economics, and adaptive unconscious, writer Malcolm Gladwell discusses human intuition and how humans can use it to make effective conscious decisions. Talking straight about the efficient way of prioritizing your work, Essentialism is a must have book for anybody who is frequently busy and not productive.
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Game Theory: The Science of Decision-Making


Who can you ask for book recommendations on decision making? These people are paid to make decisions for a living and want to find every edge they can. Research has shown time and time again how irrational humans are in our thinking. We get distracted by short-term emotions. When it comes to making choices, it seems, our brains are flawed instruments.

Goldsworthy recounts the civil rebellions of the conquered, including why they broke out and how the Romans responded. Compelling throughout and offers many lessons of power. There is so much goodness in here that scarcely will you find more than a page or two in my copy without a mark, bent page, or highlight. The oft-quoted section on intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is fascinating but there is so much more to this little book. It was founded around the time of the Civil War and is still considered one of the premier healthcare organizations in the United States, with a distinctly unique operating model. Any time you have patients willing to fly or drive hundreds of miles to come to you, instead of going to the hospital nearby, there must be something in the sauce. Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization — A fascinating book that shows how to access the tribes in your organization and your own behaviours on a scale of one to five.

By Dheeraj Vaidya Leave a Comment. Top Books. First, you can find someone who knows a lot about this subject; has made many critical decisions in business and life and is incredibly successful. Second, you can read the top 10 books on decision making and learn from the top-notch people of the industry. Now compare these two options. Which do you think is doable? Of course, the second one is easier.

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