Irenaeus against heresies book 3

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irenaeus against heresies book 3

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THOU hast indeed enjoined upon me, my very dear friend, that I should bring to light the Valentinian doctrines, concealed, as their votaries imagine; that I should exhibit their diversity, and compose a treatise in refutation of them. Wherefore, since the conviction of these men and their exposure is in many points but one work, I have sent unto thee [certain] books, of which the first comprises the opinions of all these men, and exhibits their customs, and the character of their behaviour. In the second, again, their perverse teachings are cast down and overthrown, and, such as they really are, laid bare and open to view. But in this, the third book I shall adduce proofs from the Scriptures, so that I may come behind in nothing of what thou hast enjoined; yea, that over and above what thou didst reckon upon, thou mayest receive from me the means of combating and vanquishing those who, in whatever manner, are propagating falsehood. For the love of God, being rich and ungrudging, confers upon the suppliant more than he can ask from it.
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Against Heresies - Book 3, Preface – Chapter 4 (St. Irenaeus)

St. Irenaeus of Lyons: Against the Heresies, Book 3

Irenaeus is considered by many the first systematic theologian of the Church. As much as my learning allows I am undergoing a thorough reading of his books. In order to make these books more easily understandable, I am annotating them like a study Bible. While this post will not contain a thorough summary of everything about Book III of Against Heresies, I will give the following synopsis:. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

BOOK III. PREFACE. THOU hast indeed enjoined upon me, my very dear friend, that I should bring to light the Valentinian doctrines, concealed, as their votaries.
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Irenaeus of Lyons

Irenaeus of Lyons wrote his Against Heresies c. His work is invaluable to modern scholarship in the attempt to recover the content of Gnostic teachings in the second century. Irenaeus also provides the first explicit witness to a four-fold gospel canon. Irenaeus' major extant writing is the Adversus Haereses the full title of which is the Refutation and Overthrow of Knowledge falsely so-called. Its composition is dated ca.

Title Page. Introductory Notice. First Epistle to the Corinthians. Chapter I. Praise of the Corinthians before the breaking forth of schism among them.

Please help support the mission of New Advent and get the full contents of this website as an instant download. It is within the power of all, therefore, in every Church , who may wish to see the truth , to contemplate clearly the tradition of the apostles manifested throughout the whole world; and we are in a position to reckon up those who were by the apostles instituted bishops in the Churches , and [to demonstrate] the succession of these men to our own times; those who neither taught nor knew of anything like what these [ heretics ] rave about. For if the apostles had known hidden mysteries , which they were in the habit of imparting to the perfect apart and privily from the rest, they would have delivered them especially to those to whom they were also committing the Churches themselves. For they were desirous that these men should be very perfect and blameless in all things, whom also they were leaving behind as their successors, delivering up their own place of government to these men; which men, if they discharged their functions honestly, would be a great boon [to the Church ], but if they should fall away, the direst calamity. Since, however, it would be very tedious, in such a volume as this, to reckon up the successions of all the Churches , we do put to confusion all those who, in whatever manner, whether by an evil self-pleasing, by vainglory, or by blindness and perverse opinion, assemble in unauthorized meetings; [we do this, I say,] by indicating that tradition derived from the apostles , of the very great, the very ancient, and universally known Church founded and organized at Rome by the two most glorious apostles , Peter and Paul ; as also [by pointing out] the faith preached to men , which comes down to our time by means of the successions of the bishops. For it is a matter of necessity that every Church should agree with this Church , on account of its preeminent authority [potiorem principalitatem]. The blessed apostles , then, having founded and built up the Church , committed into the hands of Linus the office of the episcopate.

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