Blue book vs green book

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blue book vs green book

What Is a Blue Book?

Print E-mail Letter to the editor. For the past 15 years, Roaring Spring Paper Product Company has provided most of the blue books on campus. Three years ago, the company introduced a new product: the green book — a more environmental friendly version of the blue book. If green books, which are made from 30 percent recycled paper, are better for the environment then why don't more students use them? One reason could be cost.
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Green Book Soundtrack - "Blue Skies (The Don Shirley Trio)" - Kris Bowers

Hi all,. One of my clients is a School in Kent. My question is - are they able to follow both the Blue book and Green Book or does it have to be.

What Is a Blue Book?

Lily Toppo 0 Posts. One of my clients is a School in Kent. My question is - are they able to follow both the Blue book and Green Book or does it have to be one or the other? David Perry 0 Posts. In reply to David Perry :. Sam 0 Posts. In reply to Lily Toppo :.

During exams, Professors require students to write their essays and answers in a blue book which is basically a small notebook. However, the paper made out of fresh natural sources. Rutynowskihas is contacting her fellow ASG senators to contact their deans to encourage their staff to reward using green books. Now, the bookstore is ceasing to order blue books and ordering green books instead. The hardest part seems to be informing teachers that the books are the same. The Green Committee hopes to spread awareness to instructors to promote the green books instead of the blue.

Most American-based international medical schools are located in the Caribbean, Central America primarily Mexico , India, Poland, Czech Republic or Russia just to name a few , and offer a unique avenue to medical students who plan to complete any portion of their clinical rotations in the United States prior to obtaining a medical degree from those institutions. Let us explain once again, the response is very lengthy but definitely worth reading. As one can easily ascertain, this fails to capture what would truly resemble clinicals conducted by U. For these reasons, AmeriClerkships strongly discourages the usage of the terms Green or Blue Book, since they often mislead an IMS into believing that the rotations are somehow sanctioned by that hospital, and also by ignoring the many clerkship verification policies that have long been implemented by all U. Each state licensing body has individual rules, policies, regulations and requirements of licensure applicants who graduate from non-LCME accredited schools. Although not the most important, one such requirement has to do with clinical rotations conducted by students before they graduate clinicals after graduation is a whole other subject. Other regulations that are specific to IMSs who intend to complete any portion of their clinical clerkships in the United States at the time of licensure include:.

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A blue book is literally a book with about 20 lined pages that college, graduate, and sometimes high school students use to answer test questions. More specifically, a blue book refers to the type of exams that require students to use these books to complete the test. Blue books generally require students to answer open-ended questions or a list of topics to choose from with written answers that vary from between a paragraph to an essay-length response. Blue book exams generally are given in courses that involve the social sciences or English, such as classes on political science, economics, history, or English literature. Blue book exams can be a bit intimidating.


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  1. Green book is made with recycled paper. permalink; embed Green book I believe uses smaller waste as it is eco friendly. permalink; embed.

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