5 finger method choosing book

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5 finger method choosing book

How to Help Kids Pick a Book at Their Reading Level

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Published 10.02.2019

5 Finger Rule

Apr 7, The Five Finger Rule is a helpful way to find 'just right' books for Choose a book, turn to a random page, and hold a finger for each word you don't know. online books for children, which can be sorted by reading age.

The Five Finger Rule for Choosing a Book

Books come in all shapes, sizes, colors and…reading levels. With so many to choose from, how can you find the right book for your child? Take a look at the Five Finger Rule to determine which book is just the right fit for your child:. Once you and your child choose a book, find a time that you can both sit down together and read aloud. In addition to spending quality time together, this can also be a great learning opportunity for your child. Look at similar words that she does know and show her which letters are the same and which ones are different. Do they have the same sounds or different?

The five finger rule

Subscribe to EDU for a bi-weekly digest of articles. Privacy Policy. Simply put: language is redundant. The information in every sentence is signaled in more ways than one. Indeed, language circles back on itself, creating cohesive chains of meaning that readers can follow across a text, picking up clues, not unlike Hansel and Gretel following breadcrumbs through the dark woods. When we cut kids off after just five missed words, we short-circuit their search for meaning.

Start reading. Hold up one finger for that word. Stop at the end of the page. More than 5 fingers is a challenge book to save for later. Kids need to read books that are comfortable and easy. Remind him or her to mix in just right books, too. These are the best books to choose most of the time.

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  1. How can parents help their children find books that are not "too hard" and not "too easy" but instead are "just right"?

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