Anne frank remembered book summary

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anne frank remembered book summary

Anne Frank Remembered: The Story of the Woman Who Helped to Hide the Frank Family by Miep Gies

The story of Anne Frank has been told for many decades and is one that resonates with a lot of young people. The world outside of the small prison keeping the Franks safe was horrifying and wrought with murder, starvation, and abuse. Miep Gi. Miep Gies was one of the people who helped hide the Franks in the Annex and this is her story. We follow Miep as a young girl in Vienna, her love for the Dutch, her journey to become an official Dutch citizen during the Natzi regime, her relationship with the Franks before, during, and after the war , her plight to feed the Franks and retain enough food for them as well as her and her husband, and the fear that lurked in her heart for the Franks and countless others she helped hide or knew were in hiding. I'm going to keep this review short because it's a nonfiction narrative I fidn those incredibly hard to review.
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REVIEW Anne Frank Remembered (The Story of Miep Gies)

Anne Frank Remembered: Review Essay

Anne Frank Remembered is the autobiography of Miep Gies, the woman who helped the Frank family survive during their two years in hiding. Her book is a primary source or firsthand account of the persecution of Jewish people in Nazi occupied Holland during the second world war. It is also the first hand account of the hiding of Jews such as the Frank family, the Van Daan family, and Dr. Albert Dussel during this time. Instead, throughout the book the author discusses her main views toward the actions of the Nazis and their oppression of the Jewish people. In order to further discuss her main points and views, a summary of her story must be given.

She found the diary and brought the world a message of love and hope. It seems as if we are never far from Miep's thoughts For more than two years, Miep Gies and her husband helped hide the Franks from the Nazis. Like thousands of unsung heroes of the Holocaust, they risked their lives each day to bring food, news, and emotional support to the victims. From her own remarkable childhood as a World War I refugee to the moment she places a small, red-orange, checkered diary -- Anne's legacy -- in Otto Frank's hands, Miep Gies remembers her days with simple honesty and shattering clarity. Each page rings with courage and heartbreaking beauty. Language: English Copyright:


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