Comic book after infinity war

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comic book after infinity war

The Infinity War - Wikipedia

In the end, Thanos is successful: He gets all six Infinity Stones, puts them in the Infinity Gauntlet, snaps his fingers, and causes half the life in the universe to basically turn to dust. Of course, this is a comic book movie, and superhero stories are not usually such mega-downers. We can look to the comics for some potential hints, of how this will play out. He pretty much murders all of them, including Tony Stark and Captain America. After achieving his goals and wiping out his enemies, Thanos achieves a cosmic, higher plane of existence, becoming a sort of ethereal, astral version of himself with all his power.
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Infinity Wars: Full Story

Toward the end of the decade, interest in The Infinity Gauntlet of the all-time best comic book events in , The Infinity Gauntlet.

The Infinity War

Since its initial publication, the series has been reprinted in various formats and editions. The roots of the series date to concepts developed in comics Starlin wrote and drew for Marvel in the s, primarily Thanos and the Infinity Gems. Starlin returned to Marvel in as the writer for Silver Surfer volume 3 beginning with issue 34, assisted by Lim on pencils. Their storyline developed through the next sixteen issues and the two-issue spin-off limited series The Thanos Quest before concluding in The Infinity Gauntlet. At the start of The Infinity Gauntlet , the alien nihilist Thanos has collected the six Infinity Gems and attached them to his gauntlet. When Thanos uses his powers to kill half of the living beings in the universe, Adam Warlock leads Earth's remaining heroes against him. After the Infinity Gauntlet is stolen by Thanos' villainous granddaughter Nebula , Thanos aids the remaining heroes in defeating her.

The Infinity War is a six-issue comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics in
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It's here! As we now know, they didn't take to the source material all that closely. Sure, there was no crushing on Death or appearances by Adam Warlock , but it very much drew from that well. It's to be expected. Mephisto hangs around to feed his ego, while naturally plotting to overthrow him. Thanos also has his so-called granddaughter Nebula hanging around, stuck in a catatonic zombie state because Thanos is a jerk. Since Thanos wants to win the love of Death herself, he uses the Gauntlet to wipe out half of the universe.



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  1. Marvel Comics, after all, has decades of stories to form the basis for the entirety of their cinematic universe.

  2. So, you've seen Avengers: Endgame and you need more—but the next Marvel Studios movie isn't until July, and even then, can Spider-Man: Far From Home really deliver the massive storytelling and universe-threatening stories that you're craving?

  3. The Infinity War is a six-issue comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics in After investigating the energy of the containment units, Thanos discovers the Magus and retreats to warn Warlock. Galactus and several of Earth's.

  4. Avengers: Infinity War released in theaters earlier this year, and it had major implications for the Marvel Cinematic Universe that fans are still grappling with months later.

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