Does listening to books while sleeping work

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does listening to books while sleeping work

Learning in your sleep, the right way -- ScienceDaily

The average American sleeps some 7. The idea that you can learn new things through some sort of magical mental osmosis while you sleep has long been wishful thinking. But a new study by Northwestern University researchers indicates that, depending on what we hear during the night, it is indeed possible to reinforce existing memories and enhance our recall after we wake up. In the study, published today in the journal Nature Neuroscience , the research team first had participants learn how to play a pair of songs by pressing keys on a keyboard in a specific sequence. Then the test subjects were left in a dark, comfortable room to take a minute nap.
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Has Anyone Had Any Success With Listening To Audiobook While Sleeping?

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Forget pulling all-nighters: There's a more restive way to cram for tests. New research by neuroscientists at Northwestern University in Chicago shows people can actually learn while they're asleep. The trick is coaxing your unconscious brain to speed-build a set of memories — whatever it is you need to memorize in a hurry — instead of slowly cementing the memories over the course of months, as it normally would. In the new study, published online June 24 in the journal Nature Neuroscience, study participants were given diagrams that showed them how to play two simple piano melodies, each 12 notes long. They spent an equal amount of time practicing playing each tune, then took a minute nap. While they slept, one of the melodies was quietly played on repeat for four minutes.

Sleep spindles key for memory consolidation

You can swot up on vocabulary in your sleep -- but only if you don't confuse your brain in the process. Researchers funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation have invited people to their sleep lab for a Dutch language course. You can't learn new things in your sleep. Nevertheless, if you've been learning vocabulary in a foreign language, it can be highly effective to hear these words played over again while you sleep, as was already shown a year ago by researchers from the university of Zurich and Fribourg. Their new study, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, demonstrates that this only works if the brain can do its job undisturbed. The researchers got 27 German-speaking test subjects to learn Dutch words, then let them sleep for three hours in the sleep lab.

When he wakes up, he is able to recite the entire broadcast. And there is a whole industry trading on this idea. Subliminal message tapes, popularised by the self-help guru Tony Robbins , promise to help you stop smoking , lose weight , and even brush up your golf skills and find love — all the while catching some shut eye. But is it actually based on any evidence? Researchers Charles Simon and William Emmons attached electrodes to the scalps of participants to observe them as they went in and out of sleep states. While they slept, Simon and Emmons played a tape of a person listing 96 facts about history, science, sports, and other topics. In , Susan Diekelmann and colleagues in Germany published a study in which subjects examined specific patterns of objects on a grid before sleeping in the laboratory.


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