Stephen king pet sematary book review

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stephen king pet sematary book review

Pet Sematary Book Review - get all caught up before the movie! — Horror Bound

The adaptation of Pet Sematary misses the point of Stephen King's novel. Unfortunately, their new property sits next to a truck route where trucks barrel along at deadly speeds all day, and the road ends up claiming first the life of the family's pet cat, Church, and then the life of young Gage. Fortunately or, as it turns out, unfortunately the nearby pet cemetery holds the path to an older burial ground, where things that are buried can come back to life Pet Sematary was first adapted in by Mary Lambert, and thirty years later Paramount Pictures decided the story could do with an update, complete with a twist in the tale and some added horror elements. Unfortunately, in the effort to make Pet Sematary scarier , the new adaptation loses sight of what made the original novel so terrifying in the first place. Though it may have a Native-American burial ground and people rising from the dead, the supernatural elements aren't what make King's Pet Sematary so terrifying.
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Stephen King's Pet Semetary Book Review

Rereading Stephen King: week 16 – Pet Sematary

I lived 29 years of a life always trying to find the spooky or weird side of things, but actively avoided Stephen King. For a while, I thought Stephen King was a hack. Despite my punk-rock, fuck-all roots, I did what every English Lit major does and just considered popular fiction trash. But, it happened. Funnily enough, I had and still have a mom that could always find a Stephen King adaptation to watch on TV on the weekends. Maybe four was a tad young for It , but thanks for the nightmares, Ma.

King's introduction to this novel tells a cute story: about how he wrote it, then found himself horrified by it. It was so wrong, so dark, he put it into a drawer and thought he'd never publish it. It was, he claims, too horrifying to put out into the world. Then he reached the end of a contract, and he needed to publish a novel. There was only this one left, and his wife persuaded him to publish it, maybe against his better judgment. But he wondered if this was right; if it wasn't just too unpleasant. It's a good story: the master of horror finding something too scary to exist.

This post contains spoilers for Pet Sematary. The author wrote in his introduction to the edition of his viscerally terrifying novel that he shut his finished manuscript in a drawer until his publisher Doubleday, with whom he was not on the best of terms at the time, needed one more book to close out his contract.
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It is super creepy and super "shocking" where he takes the reader, and his interesting prologue explaining how he came to write this unsettling tale brings a bit of truth to the story. While truly a horror of a read, it is excellent in respect to its genre, but just awful too if that makes any sense. PS is not particularly gory, but definitely sad, sick, dark, and disgusting with more t. PS is not particularly gory, but definitely sad, sick, dark, and disgusting with more than one horribly "shocking" event that will blow your mind. Take heed if you're new to reading horror as this one will make your skin crawl and keep you from taking a walk in the woods anytime soon

Perhaps you live in the same strange universe that I do, or did until recently. With the release of the cinematic remake quickly approaching in April, the time is now or never. Pet Sematary has been an icon of popular culture for over three decades, with many having a passing familiarity with the premise of the story even if they have no direct experience with reading the novel or watching the film. The short version: A small town in Maine has supernatural forces at work which allow buried creatures to rise again and join the living. Creepy, right?

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  1. Hollywood, in its infinite irony, has resurrected a tale about the unholy perils of resurrection.

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