Christian books on learning to love yourself

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christian books on learning to love yourself

It's vital to love yourself (who you are in Christ)!

For example: the Instagram hashtag loveyourself has been used over 27 million times, while the hashtag loveothers has less than half a million uses. With all the twisted messages of self love in our culture, how should Christians respond? Since society has taken this concept too far, some Christians go to the opposite extreme. But, is there a Biblical way to show love for yourself while still exhibiting an unselfish attitude? What does the Bible say about Christian self-care?
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Kind of like a highlight reel! This week I get to share with you someone who cannot help but shine wisdom and compassion.

The Best Books About Self-Love, Because We All Need to Pump Ourselves Up

Summary: Self-love, or loving yourself — Did Jesus say you must love yourself first? Many people think the Bible says they must love themselves before they can love others, but that is not what Jesus said. The key to a positive self-image is to understand how much God loves you. Understandably, they desperately want to escape a negative self-image. In fact, some people think Jesus said you must love yourself before you can love others.

And now I want to share those books with you! Isaacs — For any single woman who has ever had moments of feeling like God has forgotten you…this book is for you.
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Did Jesus make loving yourself a third commandment?

When I say that you need to love yourself, I'm not referring to the stuck-up, prideful, worldly type of loving oneself also known as self-worship ; I'm talking about a concept of being thankful, and appreciating the person who God has made in you. The worldly type of loving yourself is where you are stuck up, prideful and arrogant, whereas this type of loving yourself is based upon humility and thankfulness. The two could not be more different! The amount of bondage that results from self-rejection, self-hatred, unwillingness to forgive oneself and so forth is shocking. Below are just a few of the symptoms:.

The longest relationship you'll ever have is with yourself. Keep it on a positive note with these books about self-love, because you should never be too down on yourself. You're doing great! If you're new to the idea of self-love and need a road map to follow, Shannon Kaiser's 15 principles of self-love will get you started down the right path. This interactive journal will put you through exercises that'll help you determine where you are in your journey.

Mere Christianity is a theological book by C. Lewis , an Anglican , intended to describe the Christian common ground. In Mere Christianity , he aims at avoiding controversies to explain fundamental teachings of Christianity, for the sake of those basically educated as well as the intellectuals of his generation, for whom the jargon of formal Christian theology did not retain its original meaning. Lewis spends most of his defence of the Christian faith on an argument from morality , a point which persuaded him from atheism to Christianity. He bases his case on a moral law, a "rule about right and wrong" commonly known to all human beings, citing the example of Nazism ; both Christians and atheists believed that Adolf Hitler 's actions were morally wrong.

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  1. Drawing on their many years of biblical counseling practice, Jerry and Denise Basel invite . This book will give you permission to love yourself the way that God loves . You will learn to love God, self, and others as you take this faith journey.

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