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paul antonio calligraphy book pdf | Copperplate Script: A Yin & Yang Approach by Paul Antonio

Information is continuously being added to this page, please do bookmark it. This is a robust group with voluminous member interaction as well as frequent posts by PAScribe and comments. Assessment and assistance in the group is led by Paul Antonio for issues arising from the learning process. Please feel free to post work. Comments are there to help you get improve.
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Super Satisfying Calligraphy compilation by Paul Antonio

The Spellbinders team loves to explore new and different areas of self-expression and design.

Guidelines Paul Antonio

Although we are happy to customise or develop a script specifically for you, we offer sets of our most popular lettering grouped into Formal, Mixed and Quick Scripts. Historical Scripts are those used in Western Europe for the past two and a half millennia. Modern lettering showing the contemporary aspects of calligraphy are based on a rigorous understanding of formal scripts, and are produced with a blend of modern and traditional techniques. The Studio has a PDF of our Frequently Requested Scripts, these are the scripts most of our clients use, and come back for time and time again. These scripts were designed out of Paul's considerable research on Historical Scripts. This PDF is but the smallest sampling of what we have to offer, it is by no means the limit of what we can do for you.

Please refresh the page and retry. W hen calligrapher Paul Antonio was 10 years old, he used to wander along the beaches of his native Trinidad looking for turkey vulture feathers to turn into quills. It was only in my professional career that I realised it had in fact given me such an advantage. I understood tools and could tell immediately if there was a problem. After spending a weekend going through reams and reams of paper, he produced a very good Textualis Quadrata alphabet — a particular form of Gothic lettering. H e moved on to writing in italic form with those turkey-vulture quills. He moved to the UK to study in the mid-Nineties, embarking on a type history course at Reading University before doing calligraphy, heraldic art and illumination at Reigate School of Art and Design.

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Copperplate calligraphy is probably one of the most difficult styles of calligraphy to get into, because the information available is pretty much scattered all over the place. The good news is that there are some great resources and communities online for learning copperplate calligraphy, so if you have the will there is a way! The first thing you want to know is that there are two major types of pointed pen calligraphy. The first is commonly referred to as Copperplate, and the second is called Spencerian. Joseph Vitolo. The second thing you need to know are the different terms of Copperplate. I really recommend that you read through Dr.

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  1. Our studio specialises in non Western European calligraphy. The Studio has a PDF of our Frequently Requested Scripts, these are the scripts most of our.

  2. The script presented in this manual is not an historical hand, but a geometric construct to aid in a more exacting understanding of the script.

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