Best books with a twist

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best books with a twist

16 Books With Plot Twists You Have to Read to Believe - Riveted

After my cats, my fave yoga instructor, and the Starbucks barista who compliments my jacket — the exact same one — every day when I order my noontime iced green tea, I consider books an integral part of my social life. Or maybe I just need to read more titles outside my regularly scheduled genres. Here are 15 books to read if you love a shocking plot twist. And don't worry, I've kept this list as spoiler-free as possible. Click Here To Buy.
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Top 10 twists in fiction

And so many people think a brilliant resolution is the same thing as a twist. So what is a bona fide twist? And the new picture created by the shake-up of the twist has to be one that makes sense and is not risible. My new thriller Did You See Melody? In my opinion, these are 10 excellent examples of novels with genuine twists:. Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier A psychological suspense classic about a woman who marries a man she adores, only to discover that he, his home and his staff are apparently still obsessed by his far more charismatic first wife, to whom our heroine fears she can never measure up. There are hints before the big reveal, but not even the most imaginative reader would dare to imagine the truth.

16 Books With Plot Twists You Have to Read to Believe

Michelle Regalado is a New York-based digital writer and editor. Follow her on Twitter: mar Few things are better than getting caught up in a great mystery novel, except for maybe being completely blown away by its ending. The following books accomplish just that. Told through varying points of views, I Let You Go builds suspense gradually so that every new bombshell along the way feels not only unexpected, but like a total game-changer. The seemingly idyllic life of a suburban couple is turned upside down by a shocking crime.

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  1. I read this book over five years ago and it is still the biggest plot twist I've . I'm a really great plot twist guesser but this book messed with my.

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