Best books on building a brand

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best books on building a brand

Top 10 Branding Books In | The Branding Journal

Branding is a never-ending education. We hope they help you on your branding journey, and if you pick any of them up, let us know what you think. Recommended by: Katy French, Managing Editor. For anyone who works in this field, time is in short supply. This book is more of a quick and dirty guide than a book. Best of all, it can be read in a matter of hours.
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Read reviews and buy the best marketing books about branding from top authors , out from the crowd, you have got to build an effective and memorable brand.

Top 10 Branding Books In 2019

What sets good marketers apart from the great ones? Buy it here. Marketing hype scratches off quickly. Customers seek out Sticky Brands — and come back again and again — because those companies offer a compelling service and a memorable experience. Millman, president of the design division at Sterling Brands, interviews 22 subjects for her exploration into brand thinking. From Malcolm Gladwell to Seth Godin, each chapter is a deeply informed conversation between Millman and fellow branding heavyweights. Is it a simple differentiator of the cereals in our cupboards, a manipulative brainwashing tool forced on us by corporations, or a creative triumph as capable as any art form of stimulating our emotions and intellect?

Attachments: Up to attachments including images can be used with a maximum of 5. What do brand managers actually do? What companies need them most? What are some of the biggest re-branding failures and successes in marketing history? What's with the trend on dropping a brand's name from ads?

We are committed to researching, testing, and recommending the best products. We may receive commissions from purchases made after visiting links within our content. Learn more about our review process. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you have got to build an effective and memorable brand. Of course, this is easier said than done. If you are just starting out in the world of marketing, the whole process of designing and implementing a brand can be very overwhelming — and even if you have been a pro for years, the industry is evolving at a fast pace that is sure to leave even the most level-headed business person spinning once in a while. So to help you market your brand in the best light possible, we put together a list our favorite reads that'll take your company from no name to new fame.

Do you drink Evian water because it tastes better, or do you drink it because it is bottled in the Alps in Lake Geneva Switzerland? Do you shop at Tom's shoes because of the quality of the footwear, or because of it is a cause-driven brand who donates another pair of shoes for everyone pair you purchase? The reality is that all marketers are not responsible for telling the truth.
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You'll want to keep these books in your library

Over the last 50 years, branding has evolved from the ability to differentiate products, to giving companies personalities, to making emotional connections with consumers. Today, companies spend copious amounts of time and thousands of dollars crafting the perfect brand message for the world. - A brand will set your business, product, and even yourself apart from the competition, create a lasting impression with customers, and essentially help promote, market, and sell, sell, sell. So before you launch your next business, product, or blog take a step back and a hard look at your current brand.

Because books are a great source of knowledge and inspiration, we are pleased to share with you our selection of top branding books! The list includes books on strategic branding, but also on the different sub-areas of branding, such as brand purpose, brand positioning, or visual identity design. While providing many practical tips, they will above all offer you a solid understanding of the fundamentals of branding. The selection will of course be enriched over the months — therefore we would love to hear your recommendations in the comments section below. Happy — and happy reading! David Aaker is a pioneer in the world of branding. It is written in an academic style but offers excellent basic principles you can apply to improve your brand.



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  1. To help feed your curiosity, we've put together a list of 9 branding books that will What Great Brands Do: The Seven Brand-Building Principles that Separate.

  2. Discover our selection of top branding books! It includes books on branding Building Brand Authenticity: 7 Habits of Iconic Brands By Michael Beverland.

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