Best comic books for girls

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best comic books for girls

Comics and graphic novels are incredibly popular, but if you've never cracked one open yourself, it can be hard to know where to start. These days, we're spoiled for choice; there are so many awesome ones by and about women, online and in print, and in every genre and format imaginable. Check out some top picks below to get started. Lumberjanes is the girl-centric camp adventure you were waiting for. As co-creator Noelle Stevenson told Vanity Fair , "[I]f you just have women interacting with other women, what does that free you up to do? Drawn in lush, expressive black and white, Marjane Satrapi's memoir of growing up in Tehran during the Islamic Revolution is one of the great modern graphic novels. Satrapi is brutally honest about her own immaturity, and her family eventually sends her away to spend her high-school years in Vienna.
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Comic Books For Girls

15 Fantastic Female-Fronted Comic Books For Your Kids

More girls are both making and reading comics. Recent dust-ups focusing on sexism in mainstream comics have also helped raise awareness on the imbalance of good content in the medium targeted toward girls. Check back later as Paste covers the best current ongoing series for young female readers. Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane is far too well done for that label. Mary Jane herself steps up as the the clear main character of the books, with Spidey dipping in occasionally to serve the plot.

Several people got in touch with me over social media to point out issues with the article and to give what they felt were better choices. I loved this and figured, hey, sounds like a follow-up is needed! Now that I have finally read it, I am willing to recommend it, with one caveat. All on panel. Then later the protagonist has to re-live that when something happens to her mother. This title has the distinction of being the only one I have not personally read.

We want to read ALL OF THEM.

There are tons of awesome comics written by women. - The first feminist superhero arrived way back in when Wonder Woman left her all-female island to join future super friends Batman and Superman to complete DC Comics' holy trinity. The Amazonian princess will soon be flying her invisible plane into another glass ceiling as she lands the first female-led film of the current superhero blockbuster boom.



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  1. If you're looking for feminist-friendly comics to share with kids aged 7–11 I've read all of these and enjoyed them so they're definitely good for big kids too! One of my most adored series of books when I was a kid was the.

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