Best books for customer success managers

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best books for customer success managers

Updated: Feb Do you read about Customer Success? Reading is a compelling way to educate yourself on knowledge, depth, and perspectives; especially an esoteric one such as Customer Success. Many thought leaders in the industry have come up with a multitude of media about Customer Success ; such as Webinars, Blogs, and Podcasts, but a book has its special charm that has never left us. Here are my top 5 books to read as a Customer Success Manager. Amazon Rating: 4. One of the only books ever written on Customer Success as its core topic, this book was a collaborative by the founders of Gainsight and Sixteen Ventures.
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Book: Practical Customer Success Management. An Interview with the Author

You have finally surrendered to the fact that you ought to develop a customer success strategy, but you have no idea where to start?

11 Books Every Customer Success Manager Must Read

Customer Success as a discipline arrived in , but in reality, entrepreneurs have been scaling the heights of success through an obsessive and relentless focus on their customers for many years. Their methods are different — some focus on their employees first, while others focus on customer value — but all roads eventually lead to their customers, and through them, to outstanding business success. Here is a list comprising the stories of seven pioneers who have much to share from their experiences, including new approaches and best practices. We think you will find them as interesting and insightful as we did. Chief Customer Officer 2.

We often get asked for recommendations on Customer Success books to read and Resume Tips: Creating a Great Customer Success Resume. Did you know that hiring managers spend only an average of seven seconds on each resume?.
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What is customer success anyway?

Being on the CSM frontline allows us to directly influence the success of our clients. Each day we learn from the trenches what it takes to make clients happy and successful. This has been one of my favorite reads, because the mindset and principles of Extreme Ownership can be applied not only to our personal lives but also to our work professionally in customer success in a way that boosts our ability to drive customer outcomes and growth.

It takes great skill, patience, and planning, and requires an understanding of how people do business and what they expect from the brands with which they engage. Their hourglass focuses on pipeline lead generation, sales, and success , showing the three key areas where predictable, scalable revenue comes from. This book is chock full of great advice for companies looking to grow exponentially despite the many pitfalls that plague the SaaS industry. David has led incredible companies that have gone on to be acquired Compete, Ghostery, Performable and spent time as Chief Product Officer at Hubspot, so his experience serves as a sturdy foundation. He goes into great detail about how he developed the customer-driven model he created while at Performable, how it has shaped his work since, and gives excellent suggestions for how to bring this thinking into your own organization. The Trusted Advisor by David H.



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  1. Check out these 11 must read books for all customer success professionals to get advice, tips and best practices from the industry's top thought.

  2. 4 books that will help you level up as a Customer Success Manager. The good folks at Gainsight were kind enough to send us few copies of.

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