Best book for expectant fathers

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best book for expectant fathers

Books for New Dads

Navigating the earliest stages of fatherhood can be nerve-racking and confusing for even the most excited new dad. Luckily, the last few years have seen an explosion in books, mostly written by dads for dads, offering advice on everything from changing diapers to postpartum sex, with tips on how to support his partner through this crucial transition to parenthood. If knowledge is power, then one of the best gifts you can give a first-time-dad this holiday season is a book to prepare him for the monumental challenges ahead. Here are the best books to help make the journey a bit easier to manage. Just so you know, What to Expect may earn commissions from the shopping links included on this page. The New Dad's Playbook: Gearing Up for the Biggest Game of Your Life is a playbook for being a good teammate to your partner and great father, from pregnancy to after baby comes home. Written by a father for other frustrated and sleep-deprived parents, dads will enjoy the crass and irreverent nature of this adult picture book.
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When Kate was pregnant with our first kiddo, I wanted to do the best I I actually found this the most useful book I read as an expectant dad.

7 Best Books for First Time Dads

And to be honest? While people are piling up books for moms to read, sometimes dads get counted out. But dads are equally important partners, and in modern times — i. Dads parent, sometimes even more than their female counterparts, which is why a little light reading from the best sources is a must for new fathers. Here are 14 of the best parenting books that speak to just dads.

The Best Pregnancy Books For Men. By Steve Schiff. Dec 23 The Expectant Father -- pregnancy books This constantly updated, now.
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This well organized book is easy to read through, or to skim the topics you want. This gets inside your head and serves as a welcome introduction to what to expect when your partner is in labor and how to be an effective helper. There are a lot of emotions flying around during labor and birth. The book acknowledges the emotions needed with being a birth partner, including the feeling you may have when you feel invisible in the wake of all that the mom is going through. This humorous book contains a chapter for each month of pregnancy and of course, labor and delivery, plus an additional chapter on the initial weeks with a baby.

This book provides scientific and emotional guidance for new fathers from the first to the ninth month of pregnancy. Fulbright, Ph. There are also some indoor tricks that you can use to stay fit at home without the need to walk to the gym. And a plan to quickly recover from the labor marathon and stay fit after giving birth. This book is less about exercising and more about encountering the nutrition problems that usually come with pregnancy with chapters designed specifically to help pregnant women deal with nausea, prevent heartburn, ease water retention, relieve constipation, as well as manage cravings. Yeah, Baby!

For a thoroughly modern dad-to-be, The Expectant Father presents a wealth of information on pregnancy and life after baby, including tips for those considering becoming stay-at-home fathers. Throughout the month-by-month chapters Brott and Ash are dedicated to helping the expectant dad figure out his role and understand how all the impending changes will affect him--all while supporting his partner, of course. Feeling overwhelmed or stressed out by the pregnancy? Start a journal in your free time, they suggest. Topics such as encouraging mom-to-be through pregnancy and labor, monitoring her diet with a few recipes included, should you be so inclined to cook for her , finances, adoptions, choosing baby names, and juggling work and family are peppered with New Yorker -style cartoons to keep the book from feeling too text-heavy. As the title suggests, the pocket-size Don't Just Stand There focuses specifically on labor and delivery. Example: After Stein explains why massage can be helpful during labor, Lichtenstein adds, "Tickling her feet is definitely not a good idea.

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