Emotional intelligence book best seller

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emotional intelligence book best seller

16 Of The Best Books On Emotional Intelligence | Book Riot

In my 20s--well before founding a company and writing about servant leadership --my library was mostly composed of books about sports, science fiction, and whatever young, self-centered men were reading in the '90s. Personal improvement and leadership development were not blips on my radar screen before hitting I was too busy chasing skirts and mastering the social scene. As you may have guessed, that led me down the boulevard of broken relationships including one divorce , critical errors in judgment, and a few horrendous career moves. Now, many of these books are lifelines that have kept me on top of my game as I navigate the entrepreneurial space and juggle a happy marriage and parenting. While not an exhaustive list, it covers what I would consider the best, most popular, and most influential books on emotional intelligence. Working With Emotional Intelligence: Daniel Goleman packs this one with fascinating case histories of triumphs, disasters, and dramatic turnarounds from more than organizations around the world.
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Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman ► Animated Book Summary

Jul 30, from reading some of the top books on emotional intelligence. Chip & Dan Heath, authors of the critically acclaimed bestseller Made to.

20 Outstanding Books on Emotional Intelligence That Could Change The World (2017 Update)

Make Your Own List. We are taught to value intelligence and academic ability, but raw mental firepower does not always translate into success at work or a life of contentment. Just as important are the skills that make up 'emotional intelligence,' says Daniel Goleman , whose bestselling book popularised the concept. Here he chooses five emotional intelligence books that explore its practical applications. Interview by Cal Flyn. Daniel Goleman is a psychologist and former science journalist, who reported on the brain and behavioural sciences for The New York Times for many years. His international bestseller, Emotional Intelligence has sold more than five million copies in 40 languages.

Sep 30, "Emotional intelligence" is just as important as IQ. What's the best place to start ? . Author of 6 best-selling books on job-hunting and job interview questions, business etiquette, frugalista style, advertising, and office politics.
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Emotional intelligence , aka EQ your emotional quotient , is your ability to be in sync with your emotions and the feelings of those around you. Below find our guide to the top nine books about emotional intelligence. Get reading and learning. Sandella uses her innovative Regenerating Images in Memory RIM technique to show how being in touch with our emotions gets us ahead in every aspect of life. We like that she relies on real-life cases rather than taking a preachy angle. Look out for a few exercises, too.

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  1. Dec 31, Often simply referred to by the title 'Emotional Intelligence,' Goleman's first book on the topic was an international bestseller. While it was not.

  2. Jul 14, While not an exhaustive list, it covers what I would consider the best, most popular, and most influential books on emotional intelligence.

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