The 10 best haruki murakami books

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the 10 best haruki murakami books

22 Best Haruki Murakami Books, Ranked

Dick, and Don DeLillo, braiding their styles into one all his own. But the heart of the novel is an expansive detour about the aptly nicknamed Boris the Manskinner, a Russian operative sent into the Manchurian countryside during the brutal Second Sino-Japanese War. Murakami, at his very best, captures the 20th century — surreal, unbelievable, and too horrifying not to be true. Norwegian Wood This is the book that transformed Murakami from Japanese success to international phenomenon. Elderly Nakata, who lost his higher cognition in a bizarre childhood incident, searches the streets for missing cats. The Elephant Vanishes A chained-up retired circus elephant disappears from a small town without a trace. A woman stays up all night, every night, reading Anna Karenina.
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10 Best Haruki Murakami Books That Show The Best Of Fiction

After drifting away from it for a time, diving back into the world of Haruki Murakami is like going home again. That is, if home consists of heartache, jazz, Western literature, talking cats, whiskey, pasta-making, and classical music. Which, apart from the talking cats, is not too far outside the realm of normal. His work is known throughout the world and only seems to become more popular as time marches on. There is something so absolutely, intangibly wonderful about his books. They put you in a certain mood.

2. Hear the Wind Sing

Strecher ranks his favorite of the master's books. Murakami Haruki is world-renowned as a novelist of magical realist fiction. His works are built around an almost obsessive urge to explore and understand the inner core of the human identity. His heroes routinely journey into a metaphysical realm—the unconscious, the dreamscape, the land of the dead—to examine directly their memories of people and objects they have lost. What is the nature of the individual self? What is the soul, and how do we get one?

You're probably living under a metaphorical rock if you haven't at least come across a quote by the literary genius Haruki Murakami. A Japanese author who started writing at the age of 29 after getting inspired by a baseball match, Murakami has come to rule the literary scene with his interesting plot lines and immaculate storytelling skills. His words are like gold for millennials who find the themes of loss and nostalgia in his novels quite relatable. His open-to-interpretation narrative and surreal elements only add to the curiosity of the readers. Whatever you do, you cannot keep down a Murakami book.

While every Murakami novel is great, and some might shy away from ranking the work of such a complex artist, we fear nothing and have many opinions. Add to Bag. While we stick by our belief that every Murakami book is worth reading, if you absolutely had to skip one, this might be it. Sputnik Sweetheart This story of personal journeys and evolution made explicit is told by an unnamed schoolteacher who becomes interested in one of his students, aspiring novelist Sumire. Soon after Sumire becomes obsessed with an older married woman and jets off with her to a Greek island, the narrator receives a call telling him Sumire has disappeared.

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  1. Matthew Carl Strecher is the author of three books on Haruki Murakami: Dances with Sheep: The Quest for Identity in the Fiction of Haruki.

  2. 10 Best and all time favorite Haruki Murakami Books! Murakami is a popular writer in Japan. Here you can find out his top 10 popular books of all time.

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