Best selling books september 2018

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best selling books september 2018

Best Books of Fall: September | Time

This month's new releases offer a look into the lives of tech moguls and Oscar winners, feminist spins on classic literature, and thoughtful analyses of modern life. Told from the perspective of Briseis, the Princess of Lyrnessus captured and forced into sexual slavery, Barker's novel looks beyond the narratives of the great war heroes of Greece, instead focusing on the stories of the women captured and held in the Trojan camp—those whose identities and struggles were lost to history. Buy Now. This memoir from Lisa Brennan-Jobs, the daughter of Apple founder Steve Jobs, is making waves before it even hits shelves. Jobs' widow has pushed back against the recollections described by her stepdaughter that paint the tech mogul in a less-than-stellar light, yet the memoir avoids becoming the traditional scathing tell-all thanks to Brennan-Jobs' practical, forgiving tone , according to the New York Times. After numerous biographies and biopics of the man himself, this memoir offers a glimpse into another facet of Jobs, and the ways in which the innovator affected the lives of those closest to him.
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The best books of 2018, according to experts

Most Popular Books Published In September 2018

Books and music lovers would enjoy this book as protagonist Taliah discovers her true identity. She is comforted by music and the thought that although love bind families together, love will also teach you how to say goodbye. Our favorite childhood movie is now one for the books. These marvelous creations showcase the unparalleled invention, storytelling brilliance, terrifyingly dark and entertaining wit of the incomparable Neil Gaiman. By turns delightful, disturbing, and diverting, Fragile Things is a gift of literary attachment from one of the most original writers of our time. Alongside business-related matters, Nanay Coring tells them her life stories and this book tells of those stories. Get to know the family behind our favorite bookstore!


The New York Times Announces the 10 Best Books of 2018.

A New Yorker gets a surprise when she spends the summer with her boyfriend in Singapore. Rory Yates's job and reputation are at risk when he is accused of killing his ex-wife. The second book in the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy. As her wedding draws near, Rachel Chu discovers her birth father. The final book in the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy.

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