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So when I randomly stumbled upon a blog post that talked about good reads for trial lawyers, I got searching for books that an Indian law student could find useful. Much is being discussed all over about internships, research papers, moots etc. Law textbooks and reference books and journals usually go with late nights, deadlines and exam panic — and hardly make for inspiring reading and will anyway continue to be part of a lawyers life. Books can be valuable companions in the metamorphosis from student to lawyer. They can inform, inspire, provide food for thought, shape attitudes and perceptions of the legal profession, develop key skills or spark an interest in a particular area. While some could be great one- time reads, there are many that could be an indispensable part of your law library.
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Published 30.01.2019

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Top 10 Law Books for Law Students in India

Legal practitioners in India have to read a lot in order to keep themselves updated about the latest developments in the field of legal amendments. In the present scenario, our legal and judicial system is going through a major development which involves phasing out of several older laws and statutes and replacing them with newer versions which are more suited for our needs today. At Taxmann, we have been one of the leading publishers of LL. These books have been highly preferred by the students and various academicians who have found these helpful in their pursuit of studying law in India. Compiled and drafted by the leading experts, each of these books help readers gain an in-depth knowledge in the respective law.

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Law is one of the most prominent professions in the world, as millions of aspirants join the tribe of lawyers every year. Hence, it comes as no surprise that the books related to law are one of the most sought after genre of books or text books. Therefore at Amazon. Since law is a set of pre-decided and already documented set of rules and regulations the need for the correct and apt documentation is of utmost importance. Therefore the book that you need can be found at Amazon.

There is a murder, of course, and Lady Dedlock is suspected. But lawyers are not attracted to Bleak House for the whodunit. Jarndyce, an estate case that drags from generation to generation until the money runs out. Dickens hits a nerve in his classic description of the underlying cynicism that too often drives litigation. An interesting aside?

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