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best lsat prep books reddit

Kaplan tutor reddit

In today's world, it's not hard to find examples of how the internet and related technologies have proven to be formidable forces to drive us apart and spread hatred and misinformation. But the internet also offers extraordinary promise and the power to bring people together in ways that were unimaginable even a few years ago. I can attest to this myself: I used Reddit - a social media site where millions of people join online communities, known as subreddits, organized around common interests - to identify the valuable resources and peer support that helped me excel on the LSAT and get into law school. I am a first-generation immigrant and the first in my family to pursue a graduate degree. I signed up for the free Kaplan video prep a couple of times, borrowed a Kaplan book from my university Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program CSTEP office, and attempted to read it page by page, front to back. That was my game plan. I would read a chapter, and then answer the corresponding questions.
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PowerScore LSAT Bible Trilogy - LSAT Book Review - Dave Killoran

I self studied to a using Powescore and 7sage YouTube videos for LG as well as Powerscore and Fox for LR. I read a lot of RC strategies in books and online and none clicked for me (heard Manhattan was good but never got it). The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is offered four.

How Reddit Helped Me Excel on the LSAT and Get Into Law School

The LSAT is tricky, no doubt about it. But there are patterns. Of course, when you only see a small volume of questions, there are things that escape your notice. But the more I look at logical reasoning, the more I realize that you must know what the different question types are asking you. And I mean really know it.

This is well-reported all over law school forums where people took it cold and got a and after months of study ended up with a Or started with a and ended with a The LSAT especially the logic games is mostly pattern-recognition and understanding the "type" of problem you're being asked to solve. Getting a high score e. Further, you'd probably not be used to the time constraint and end up guessing on whatever you didn't have time to answer.

One additional section is of one of these three types, but is not scored because it is an experimental test question section used by LSAC to try out new questions. Separately from the main test, you will also have to complete a prompted writing sample—on your own time and computer. This essay question is not scored and serves solely as a writing sample.
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Essential Study Materials for the Two Month LSAT Study Plan


Go there now. It takes several months maximize your LSAT score. Very few students can achieve that goal in less than 3 to 6 months. Use this two-month LSAT study schedule to get up to speed quickly and build confidence for test day. Quick note : Your LSAT score is one of the most important factors in law school admissions , so be sure to give yourself sufficient time to study. If you do have the time to prepare over the next two months, the following two-month LSAT study schedule will help you get the most out of your studying.

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  1. LSAT preptests are the best books to get, as well as a study guide. I'm including links for both below. The book links below are for Amazon; they have the best.

  2. My goal was to get an unbiased impression of the LSAT and answer a simple question: How gameable is it really?

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