Best books on private equity and venture capital

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best books on private equity and venture capital

Popular Private Equity Books

Buy Now. Mastering Private Equity was written with a professional audience in mind and provides a valuable and unique reference for investors, finance professionals, students and business owners looking to engage with private equity firms or invest in private equity funds. From deal sourcing to exit, LBOs to responsible investing, operational value creation to risk management, the book systematically distills the essence of private equity into core concepts throughout the private equity life cycle. The book is an ideal complement to Mastering Private Equity and allows readers to apply core concepts to investment targets and portfolio companies in real-life settings. The 19 cases illustrate the managerial challenges and risk-reward dynamics common to private equity investment. First section offers a high-level introduction to PE to ensure that we speak the same language and use appropriate industry terms and definitions throughout the book. It puts venture capital, growth equity and leveraged buyouts into context and describes several alternative PE investment strategies such as distressed investing and real estate.
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Ernestine Fu: All You Need to Know About Venture Capital

This post on best private equity Books is to give you a heads up on private equity & a The Masters of Private Equity and Venture Capital by — Robert Finkel.

The definitive guide to private equity for investors and finance professionals

Back to Blog. For those new to the world of startups and venture capital, there is so much to learn, but there may not be much time to get up to speed. Obviously, a quick search online will bring up all sorts of news websites, blogs, companies, law firms, and so on. These various industry insiders and experts will no doubt offer some useful information about the many nuances of venture capital. But, knowing where to look and what to trust is a whole different story. Thus, here are some of the best venture capital books for entrepreneurs:.

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Mastering Private Equity—Transformation via Venture Capital, Minority Investments and Buyouts Mastering Private Equity is a comprehensive guide to private equity PE , providing readers with a valuable and in-depth look on how PE investments work and how the whole industry is evolving. - By Dheeraj Vaidya 2 Comments. Private Equity Tutorials.

Featured products are independently selected and linked to for your convenience. If you buy something using a link on this page, Forbes may receive a small share of that sale. Vault Lines: These books offer funding fundamentals for entrepreneurs. Of course, you can always bootstrap your entrepreneurial venture and hope it takes hold before your money well runs dry. Start by reading a few of the following books to get some funding fundamentals—and advanced strategies. Thanks to the internet, entrepreneurs can unearth strangers willing to invest cash in startups. We know this process as crowdfunding, and it has helped plenty of founders pay for employees, materials, research and more.

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