Best australian non fiction books 2017

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best australian non fiction books 2017

Must-Read Australian Books

Discover more. Good Read Magazine rounds up the best in non-fiction across a broad range of topics, helping your book club find great books to read. Every month, our passionate and busy writers and reviewers collect the best in non-fiction from around the globe, diving deep into what makes our favourite books so endlessly engaging, and conducting broad ranging interviews with our favourite authors. Published both online and in a beautiful glossy magazine, our work is the definitive Australian guide to non-fiction, old and new. From retrospectives on growing up in a foreign culture to explorations of the criminal underbelly of Australia, tear-jerking memoirs and examinations of the politics of our country, our non-fiction section has it all. Chosen for their unique point of view, their penetrating insights, their titanic research efforts or their clarity of vision and message, our favourite non-fiction books are sure to engage and expand your mind.
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Non - Fiction books I bought recently - BOOKHAUL 2017 # 2

Non-Fiction Books

Matthew Reilly was voted your favourite Australian author in , Isobelle Carmody in , John Flanagan in , Mathew Reilly took out the honour in , and Kate Morton in Read about how the poll began and check out your favourites below. John Purcell, In a matter of hours hundreds of titles were suggested. I then made a long list of these offerings and asked the world to vote for their favourites. I thought this a good idea. Tim Winton would have swallowed up the Top Ten otherwise.

W hat makes a good beach read? My main criterion is that the pages must turn quickly, almost as if by magic. Finding out what happens next becomes the most important thing in the world. In other words, you cannot put it down. A word-of-mouth phenomenon on its release in , The Slap has a simple premise: a man at a family barbecue slaps a child who is not his own. In Anu Singh killed Joe Cinque with a lethal dose of heroin after she laced his coffee with rohypnol. At a dinner party and in law student circles at the Australian National University in in Canberra, a number of her friends and acquaintances had been informed of her intent to kill him.

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Beaches, sunshine, and all sorts of creatures that will kill you if given half the chance. We do have a lot of beaches. A lot of sun. There are already a lot of lists out there about Australian classics you should read, or great Australian novels, or the most popular books in Australia. There are books about indigenous Australians, history, politics, geography, sport, society, and culture.

Meaty books about the Australian political landscape seem to have dominated my reading tastes. The events she outlines in a fresh, at times raucous, voice are close enough to be brutally raw, yet somehow almost nostalgic. McGuinness pulls off the tricky balancing act. Written in the crisp prose and with the calm, almost detached demeanour of the eminent legal academic Triggs was before she became a pinata for frightened governments and toxic shock jocks alike, Speaking Up is a depressing but vital read. How on earth did Australia go from being the progressive harbinger of global democracy to lagging so far behind in our human rights record?

Sarah Krasnostein does a marvellous job of illuminating Sandra Pankhurst the person, and the world of a trauma cleaner in Melbourne quite possibly one of the most interesting jobs around. A deeply personal answer to how we should live within a fundamentally unsympathetic economic system. Doyle has modern Australia nailed in this vividly observed book: she will have you laughing aloud and nodding in agreement. An honest and superbly written memoir. Roxane Gay describes the trauma that was inflicted on her as a teenager, and how that impacts on her relationship with food and her body. Gay writes about being large in a society that values thinness, and the ways this makes her both highly visible, and conversely, invisible.

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