Best magic systems in books

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best magic systems in books

The Top Ten Coolest Magic Systems in Fantasy – Geekus

That little spark inside of you that slowly grows; recognition of the same power in someone else; throwing off the burdens of society and overbearing parents; commanding the elements and the human body alike. Read on for seven of the most fascinating magical systems in YA lit. Her magical Gift. Uprooted , by Naomi Novik Not unlike Numair and Daine are the Dragon, a fierce wizard living in a tower, and his reluctant pupil, Agnieszka. But will the odd weavework Agnieszka and the Dragon create be a match for the centuries-old evil that has filled the Wood and is slowly encroaching on humankind?
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10 Of The Best Magical Systems in Literature

When it comes to reading fantasy, a cool magic system is often enough to hook a reader despite a cliched story, or save a book filled with one-dimensional characters. With that in mind, here are the top ten coolest magic systems in fantasy, by series title. Vance created the Dying Earth subgenre with his eponymous short story collection. In so doing, he also introduced a memorable pun intended system of magic. In the far future world of the Dying Earth, magicians use spells, but only spells remain to human knowledge. These spells are complex and very difficult to commit to memory, so a magic user can only carry so many around in his memory at one time, and they are immediately forgotten upon use.

Magic rarely seems to make sense in media. The rules of magic are rarely established in film. Despite going to Hogwarts, we never learn why Harry Potter can cast spells. Despite being a central figure, we never understand why Gandalf can't summon the eagles. This is in part due to the time constraints of film, as many stories struggle with fitting in all the details of the world into a two or three hour time window. Magic laws are often left on the wayside. However, there are numerous books out there with intricately detailed laws and rules for their magic.

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I've been a fan of fantasy novels ever since I picked up my library's copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone as a nine-year-old. In an effort to combat Harry Potter hangover remember, in those days we had to wait a year or two for the next installment of the series to be released , I started reading any book that promised to include witches, dragons, and the like. Unfortunately, I quickly learned that not all fantasy novels are created equal. It's not enough to just throw a couple spells in a book and call it a fantasy novel. A great work of fantasy involves creating a complex magical world complete with its own detailed history and a governing set of rules. That's why people fangirl so hard over series like Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings: they spend a ton of time developing their magical setting, which gives readers a more immersive experience.

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