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best audio books on writing

The 6 Best Books on Writing - Barnes & Noble Reads — Barnes & Noble Reads

Author of several bestselling fantasy series, Terry Brooks shares his secrets for creating unusual, memorable fiction. This reflection on writing spans topics from the importance of daydreaming, to the necessity of writing an outline, to creating believable characters. Listen to an excerpt Sometimes the Magic Works. He is fierce and honest about the bruises delivered by writing as both a profession and a calling. This book charges aspiring writers to learn the rules and even break them. Listen to an excerpt Letters to a Young Writer. With an array of anecdotes, Pat Conroy explores his love for reading and how it shaped his life.
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10 Audiobooks for Writers

In the modern publishing landscape, writers are juggling a lot of different tasks. One of the things that gets dropped first is studying the craft of writing. Audiobooks can help. In addition to being a writer, I also work full-time, work part-time, play sports, and have an active social life—so, for the sake of time, most of my reading these days is done via audiobooks. In addition to adapting the beat sheet to novels, Jessica Brody also discussed the Save the Cat Story Genres to help you identify important elements in your story. If you need to tackle procrastination, or issues related to focus, creativity, or productivity, this book is for you. Janzer combines practical advice from successful writers with knowledge from cognitive science to help you understand your own mental processes.

Writing is hard. Instead, the following are 10 books about the craft of writing. We polled Paste writers, editors and interns to share their favorites and received scores of suggestions from Twitter and Facebook. Because of the title. For most of us, that moment never comes, and the only way to unleash creativity is through persistence and discipline. When grammar and syntax become fascinating and funny, the writer has done his job. Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury This list is full of writers moaning about the difficulties of writing to which we relate.

Please refresh the page and retry. F ollowing the announcement that sales have doubled in the past five years, Carole Mansur picks the 20 best audiobooks of all time:. Buy now on Amazon. Precursor of the acclaimed play. You can almost hear the tinkle of teacups. In this, the fourth, he skewers Rita Skeeter, the journalist with a Quick Quotes quill.

As a writer, you probably want to read more books, but your schedule may not allow the needed time. Listening to books offers a solution. I started listening to audiobooks when commuting to my Ph.
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The gold standard of writing resources, originally published in , The Elements of Style is indispensable to writers, readers, teachers, and anyone who wishes to express herself clearly with the written word. Thus, brevity is a by-product of vigor. An easy-to-digest, free-spirited manual, Writing Down the Bones is a personal reflection on writing as well as a how-to on becoming motivated and inspired. Writing Down the Bones is not for the reader searching for rigid grammar rules, but the reader searching for inspiration. Getting happy, okay? Getting happy.

Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment of the publishing industry. For indie authors or traditionally published authors who have retained their audio rights, now may be the perfect time to consider creating your own audiobooks. People are listening to books on their phones in the car, while commuting on public transportation, exercising, gardening, cooking and the list goes on. Before you dive in, here are some things to keep in mind. If you are traditionally published, read over your contract or talk to your agent regarding the audio rights. Certain fiction genres perform better than others as audiobooks. Investigate yours: Look at how flooded the bestselling audio lists are in your category, whether or not the same handful of bestsellers dominate there, and how many titles are performing exceptionally well.

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