How to make a secret bookcase

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how to make a secret bookcase

How to Make a Bookcase That's Also a Secret Door

Not every project I build comes out perfectly. Of course, I mean something that no one else would notice, though some of you might. Each time I build one, I learn something new. After all, hidden bookcase doors are a lot more complicated than an ordinary door—there are a lot of variables, both in design and construction, especially on openings that have to swing out. If you notice any others, please let me know. And they always need some adjustment down the road. Plus, they require a lot of jamb clearance, which has never seemed right to me.
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How to Make a Secret Room (Through a Wardrobe)

Updated: August 30, References. Do you have a door to a storage area or, perhaps, a secret room?

How to Build a Secret Bookcase Door

Who doesn't want a secret door bookcase? We have a space in our living room that I've been planning to conceal with just such a door for 10 years, but I've kept putting it off because doing something like this has to be done well. I wanted the carpentry to be of high quality and the mechanism to be rock solid, and I finally got the time, resources and hardware to make it to the standard I wanted. This is a long instructable, because it covers not just the construction of the bookcase but also some other features - it has a unique locking mechanism based on a sliding book, multiple secret compartments inside the bookcase aside from the big one behind it! Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson.

A sliding bookcase is a bookcase that is designed to slide, and is typically used to hide the presence of a secret room or space. People have hidden in secret rooms concealed by sliding bookcases to escape detection during police raids. Sliding bookcases have been installed by homeowners [5] [6] and builders. The rooms were concealed by a movable, sliding bookcase. The Speakeasy was a theater and club experience in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco that occurred in January-March that included the feature of a sliding bookcase that led to "Club 23", a bar and casino parlor.

They can be used to conceal safe rooms, vaults, wine cellars, or simple closets and utility rooms. Each one has a slightly different method, but they all share good information and have detailed pictures on the installation. How to Build a Hidden Door Bookshelf — This is a nice example of custom floor to ceiling, wall to wall bookshelves, with a central case that swings out to reveal a hidden door. The author uses a welded, steel tube frame for the structure, and mounts it to the ceiling and floor. If you have the tools, this is a great long term hinge solution that will last the ages.

When Brooke wrote me asking to draw up plans for a bookshelf inset inside a door, I couldn't wait to draw plans. How exciting, a secret door, a door behind a bookshelf! Or just adding extra storage to a room with rarely used doors.
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When I went to the bathroom towards the back of the restaurant, I saw there was a bookcase against one wall — which then swung open, and a guy emerged. Behind the bookshelf was a speakeasy-themed bar, and the bookshelf was a fun, intentional secret passage. A secret bookshelf entrance. Are you kidding me? Oh, be still my nerdy, Nancy Drew heart! And now, I find a thorough instructional post detailing how one might make their own, should they be inclined. It comes from garymkatz.

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