How to attach ikea bookcase to wall

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how to attach ikea bookcase to wall

How to Secure a Bookcase to a Wall: 13 Steps - wikiHow

MOST of us have at least one piece of Ikea furniture in our houses - whether just a shelf, a whole bookcase or bulky chest of drawers. Though the instruction manuals that come with chests of drawers advise customers to secure their furniture to the wall using a bracket provided, not all do so, leading to tragic consequences. In , two children were killed in the United States after the same chest of drawers from the 'Malm' range fell over on top of them. Ikea issued a safety warning, instructing all buyers to attach Malm chests to the wall to avoid other such accidents. Despite their warning, a third child was killed in February after being crushed by the same product, forcing the company to recall more than 27 million chests in America.
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Why does Ikea furniture have to be fixed to the wall, and is it really necessary?

Bookcases are great fixtures to have in your home, but it's essential to make sure they're secured properly. During an earthquake, an unsecured bookcase can fall over and send projectiles flying, while possibly damaging valuable items. To secure a bookcase to a wall with brackets, start by using a stud finder to locate the studs in your wall. When you find a stud, mark the center of it with a vertical line using a yardstick and pencil. Then, position your empty bookcase at a point between the wall studs.

Kylie writes: This DIY project takes place in my home office. At one the end of the room, the ceiling is lower to allow for bathroom plumbing on the second storey and the bulkhead ceiling has created a nook that lends itself to built-in bookcases. Two, maybe three years later more like four , we finally got tired of working among piles of books and paperwork and decided to bite the bullet on the bookcase project. That's when we decided that we would build the bookcase ourselves - and there was no better to place to start than with our favourite Scandinavian flat-packs! In our case, we chose:.

As part of my Revamp Restyle Reveal Sitting Room plans I wanted to get rid of an old display cabinet that was not making the most of the space and create what looked like bespoke bookcase shelving.
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Assemble the flat-packs

We all want our homes to be a safe place. But in our homes, accidents can put children at risk. By working together, we can help prevent these accidents and make the home a safer place. The best way to help prevent furniture tip-over accidents is to secure furniture to the wall. IKEA urges customers to inspect their IKEA chests of drawers and dressers to ensure that they are securely anchored to the wall using the restraints provided in the packaging. Should you need a replacement restraint kit to secure the IKEA furniture in your home, you can contact us to order one free of charge.



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