What is full cycle bookkeeping

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what is full cycle bookkeeping

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Accounting measures business activity within a certain period. The act of completing each necessary activity in the accounting period is referred to as the full accounting cycle. The full cycle of accounting is all the steps necessary to process business transactions and create a set of financial statements. According to Accounting Explained , the accounting cycle can be broken into the following steps:. After the last step is completed, the accounting department is ready to complete the cycle again for the new accounting period. Within the accounting function, there are business activities -- like sales, payroll and purchasing -- that also have cycles.
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Accounting Cycle Example

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As a bookkeeper, you complete your work by completing the tasks of the accounting cycle. The accounting cycle has eight basic steps, which you can see in the following illustration. These steps are described in the list below. Financial transactions start the process. The transactions are posted to the account that it impacts. Adjustments are also made to account for the depreciation of assets and to adjust for one-time payments such as insurance that should be allocated on a monthly basis to more accurately match monthly expenses with monthly revenues. After you make and record adjustments, you take another trial balance to be sure the accounts are in balance.

The bookkeeping cycle is a series of outline steps setting out the process required for a typical small business to record its financial transactions.
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The bookkeeper for a business is someone who keeps a record of the daily financial transactions for a company. This process of bookkeeping entails tracking sales, purchases, income and expenses that are made by either the company or a person within the company. When a job description specifically refers to a full cycle bookkeeper, it is looking for an employee who is able to complete the entire process of the bookkeeping or accounting cycle. A bookkeeper is anybody that performs at least one of the steps in the accounting process. Sometimes a bookkeeper is referred to as an accountant technician or clerk.

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