The sound of music and plants pdf

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the sound of music and plants pdf

Science Fair Projects - Effect of music on plant growth

Plant bioacoustics refers to the creation of sound waves by plants. Measured sound emissions by plants as well as differential germination rates, growth rates and behavioral modifications in response to sound are well documented. Preliminary evidence supports that plants create sound in root tips when cell walls break. Buzz pollination , or sonication, serves as an example of a behavioral response to specific frequencies of vibrations in plants. Some plants species, including Dodecatheon and Heliamphora have evolved buzz pollination in which they release pollen from anthers only when vibrated at a certain frequency created exclusively by bee flight muscles.
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Music for Plants, Vol. 1 (Plant Growth and Gardening)

Playing plants music to help them grow is an idea that first gained popularity in the 's after the publication of the book: The Sound of Music and Plants , by Dorothy Retallack in Retallack did various experiments in order to find out the effect of what happens if you play plants music. She experimented with the length of time that music was played and also attempted to discover the style of music plants like most.

The Effect of Music on Plant Growth and Pests

I have been a college teacher and journalist. As a freelance content writer, I research the subject to write without prejudice and malice. One day he observed that those plants had grown better than others in the house, even after the same watering. He wondered about it and came to me with a hypothesis, that it might be due to the music of his guitar. I told him that the music affects man, animal, and plants which could be seen from the EEG reports, hormone levels, and cell growth respectively. It combines the classical music base with natural sounds of songbirds, insects, water, the wind, etc. It increased the seed germination, growth, yield and metabolism of plants in the same way as the music increased the milk yield of cows.

Can Music Accelerate Plant Growth?

Music and plants The effect of music on plant growth is still a debatable subject among scientists and experts. Many experiments have been performed by both scientists and students to prove that plants can grow better and faster when they are provided with musical stimulation. Music actually consists of sound waves that travel through the air at varying frequencies and finally reaching our ear drums to be recognized as sound and music. When the plant is exposed to the same music, it also receives the same sound waves and could in fact be receiving some form of stimuli that we are yet able to understand. The experiments done by scientists have shown that some plants grew more quickly after being exposed to musical stimulation. Most scientists will agree that seeds that are exposed to music will actually be able to germinate faster.

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  1. However, the interaction between audible sound and the growth of plants is usually neglected in biophysics research.

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