Acts of paul and thecla pdf

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acts of paul and thecla pdf

CHURCH FATHERS: The Acts of Paul and Thecla

Please help support the mission of New Advent and get the full contents of this website as an instant download. As Paul was going up to Iconium after the flight from Antioch , his fellow-travellers were Demas and Ermogenes, full of hypocrisy; and they were importunate with Paul , as if they loved him. But Paul , looking only to the goodness of Christ , did them no harm, but loved them exceedingly, so that he made the oracles of the Lord sweet to them in the teaching both of the birth and the resurrection of the Beloved; and he gave them an account, word for word, of the great things of Christ , how He had been revealed to him. And a certain man, by name Onesiphorus, hearing that Paul had come to Iconium, went out to meet him with his children Silas and Zeno, and his wife Lectra, in order that he might entertain him: for Titus had informed him what Paul was like in appearance: for he had not seen him in the flesh, but only in the spirit. And he went along the road to Lystra, and stood waiting for him, and kept looking at the passers by according to the description of Titus. And he saw Paul coming, a man small in size, bald-headed, bandy-legged, well-built, with eyebrows meeting, rather long-nosed, full of grace. For sometimes he seemed like a man , and sometimes he had the countenance of an angel.
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The Acts of Paul and Thecla My Rant

ACTS OF PAUL AND THECLA. As Paul was going up to Iconium after the flight from Antioch, his fellow-travellers were Demas and Ermogenes, full of hypocrisy; .

The Apocryphal Acts of Paul, Peter, John, Andrew and Thomas

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language. Full text of " The Acts Of St. Notwithstanding this, a large part of the history was credited and looked upon as genuine among the primitive Christians. Chrysostom, and Severus Sulpitius, who all lived with - in the fourth century mention Thecla or refer to her history.

Goodspeed called it a " religious romance " [1] —of Paul the apostle 's influence on a young virgin named Thecla. It is one of the writings of the New Testament apocrypha. It is attested no earlier than Tertullian , De baptismo c , who says that a presbyter from Asia wrote the History of Paul and Thecla , and was deposed by John the Apostle after confessing that he wrote it. Eugenia of Rome in the reign of Commodus is reported in the Acts of her martyrdom to have taken Thecla as her model after reading the text, prior to its disapproval by Tertullian. Many surviving versions of the Acts of Paul and Thecla in Greek , and some in Coptic , as well as references to the work among Church fathers show that it was widely disseminated.

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