Resource conservation and recovery act pdf

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resource conservation and recovery act pdf

ORRCA » Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)

Use of this form does not establish an attorney-client relationship. As a next step, you will hear from a client specialist. Learn more. With offices in Washington, D. RCRA is the primary law governing the disposal of solid and hazardous waste.
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Regulated entities that generate hazardous waste are subject to waste accumulation, manifesting, and recordkeeping standards. Facilities that treat, store, or dispose of hazardous waste must obtain a permit, either from EPA or from a state agency that EPA has authorized to implement the permitting program. Subtitle C permits contain general facility standards such as contingency plans, emergency procedures, recordkeeping and reporting requirements, financial assurance mechanisms, and unit-specific standards. Most RCRA requirements are not industry-specific but apply to any company that generates, transports, treats, stores, or disposes of hazardous waste. Here are some important RCRA regulatory requirements:.

If a solid waste is not listed, it may be a hazardous waste by exhibiting a characteristic. > Characteristic wastes capture measurable properties that indicate a.
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Enforcement & Remedies

The goals of RCRA are to :. However, releases or potential releases from these sites are required to be properly investigated and if necessary remediated in accordance with other hazardous waste management rules found in Minn. Generators include all entities that generate a hazardous waste and include all very small, small, and large quantity generators. While conducted under different rules and authorities, investigation and remediation at Generator sites often follow the phased Corrective Action process below. All of the programs within the Superfund, RCRA, and Voluntary Cleanup Section SRVCS will continue to require that outside parties submit paper copies of reports, correspondence and other data submittals; however, SRVCS staff will be reviewing documents principally using an electronic document management software application. Electronic documents have most commonly been submitted in Adobe Portable Document Format pdf , although other formats such as Microsoft Excel or Word, or various image formats have also been submitted depending on the particular type of information. These submittals are usually provided either via e-mail, website download or on a compact disc.

Congress enacted RCRA to address the increasing problems the nation faced from its growing volume of municipal and industrial waste. The act set national goals for:. Environmental Protection Agency EPA providing basic requirements that states then adopt, adapt, and enforce. However, it also plays an integral role in the management of municipal and industrial waste as well as underground storage tanks. Because RCRA requires controls on hazardous waste generators i.

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  1. Chapter I: Introduction to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.. Overview.

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