Diesel engine questions and answers pdf

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diesel engine questions and answers pdf

+ TOP I.C. ENGINES Objective Questions and Answers Pdf MCQs

Looking for a job that gives a lifetime career? Then have an eye into wisdomjobs which are blowing of opportunities to pick up the right path. For your most important career, there are more offers for your skill and talent. Here are the one internal combustion Engine jobs which are waiting for your engineering career. To show your technical skills and show your practical acts stood as a specialist goes through for Internal-combustion Engine jobs interview questions and answers page that you get full details of this job particulars and roles. Job givers are looking for skillful persons in this placement.
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IC Engine most important MCQ questions with answers

Questions and Answers on Diesel Engines 1

Click on the links below to download the file. Your email address will not be published. Search for:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Follow Us. Tags air compressors air conditioning boiler boiler blow down boilers cargo cargo pumps centrifugal pumps chemical tankers circulation system cooling water system cross head bearing oil system cylinder lube oil system diesel engines explosimeter fire detectors fire fighting fire triangle freshwater generator freshwater generator on ships heat exchangers indicator diagrams inert gas system invention of diesel engine lube oil system magnetic particle testing main bearing oil system main engine marine engineering marine engineering study materials marine main switch board meo class exam questions panting pid controller positive displacement pumps pounding proportional control pumps relief valve safeties in main switch board sewage treatment plant smoke detectors stp systems of main engine types of chemical tankers. Diesel Engines 1.

How Gas Compression-ignition Engines Work. Did cars ever have external combustion engines? How does an electric water pump benefit your engine? Engine Questions and Answers. Prev NEXT. Here is a set of engine-related questions from readers and their answers: What is the difference between a gasoline engine and a diesel engine? In a diesel engine, there is no spark plug.

Consist of MCQs from section-B final year mechanical engineering. Internal combustion engines that have compression ignition are called : a. Gasoline engines. Diesel engines. Steam engines.

This set of Power Plant Engineering Multiple Choice Questions & Answers ( MCQs) focuses on “Diesel Engine Basics”. 1. If the temperature of.
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Engine Questions and Answers

Which one of the following cycles has the highest thermal efficiency for given maximum and minimum cycle temperatures?, Ans: c. In a diesel engine, the fuel is ignited by a spark b injected fuel c heat resulting from compressing air that is supplied for combustion d ignition e combustion chamber.



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  1. TOP MOST I.C. ENGINES Questions and Answers pdf – Mechanical Engineering In a typical medium speed 4-stroke cycle diesel engine the inlet valve.

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