Diana crane fashion and its social agendas pdf

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diana crane fashion and its social agendas pdf

Project MUSE - Fashion and Its Social Agendas: Class, Gender, and Identity in Clothing (review)

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Fashion and Its Social Agendas

Journal of American Folklore By Diana Crane. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, Diana Crane's study of fashion in nineteenth- and twentieth-century France, England, and America is a must-read for folklorists wishing to grapple with the dynamics of fashion and its effects on Euro-American culture. She adroitly evaluates the strengths and shortcomings of major fashion theories, including those of Simmel, Bourdieu, and mainstream fashion historians, demonstrating how each theory explains some facets of the subject but not others. Overall, Fashion and Its Social Agendas lives up to its title and will amply reward readers strongly interested in the subject. For folklorists, Crane's study raises some intriguing questions.

It has long been said that clothes make the man or woman , but is it still true today? If so, how has the information clothes convey changed over the years? Using a wide range of historical and contemporary materials, Diana Crane demonstrates how the social significance of clothing has been transformed. Crane compares nineteenth-century societies—France and the United States—where social class was the most salient aspect of social identity signified in clothing with late twentieth-century America, where lifestyle, gender, sexual orientation, age, and ethnicity are more meaningful to individuals in constructing their wardrobes. Today, clothes worn at work signify social class, but leisure clothes convey meanings ranging from trite to political. In today's multicode societies, clothes inhibit as well as facilitate communication between highly fragmented social groups.

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Journal of American Folklore

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