Galaxy formation and evolution pdf

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galaxy formation and evolution pdf

Galaxy Formation

ISBN: Publication: April 02, Galaxies, along with their underlying dark matter halos, constitute the building blocks of structure in the Universe. Of all fundamental forces, gravity is the dominant one that drives the evolution of structures from small density seeds at early times to the galaxies we see today. The interactions among myriads of stars, or dark matter particles, in a gravitating structure produce a system with fascinating connotations to thermodynamics, with some analogies and some fundamental differences.
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Modelling the physics of galaxy formation in a expanding Universe

Galaxy formation and evolution

Visible light Hubble data combined with infrared data from Spitzer, went into creating this stunning image of M51, the Whirlpool galaxy. M51, as you can see, is actually two interacting galaxies formally NGC and Kennicutt Univ. Giant elliptical galaxy, M Giant ellipticals and grand spirals are thought to be the result of galaxy collisions. Galaxies show us how the matter in the universe is organized on large scales.

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