Electrical grounding and bonding pdf

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electrical grounding and bonding pdf

What is the difference between Bonding, Grounding and Earthing?

Background 1 II. What are Grounding and Bonding? What does the National Electrical Code require? What does it allow? Neutral Ground bond Where? Isolated Grounds 23 IX. Ground Rods, Cladding and Ufers, oh my 28 X.
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2011 Electrical Grounding and Bonding DVD

GROUNDING AND BONDING. NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CODE. ARTICLE By Jim Biesterveld. Some of the material is taken from. Mike Holt and Soars.


My name is Dusten Huebner, I work in the oil patch as an industrial electrician in Alberta, Canada constructing large oilfield facilities, well sites, performing plant maintenance and much much more. It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction sharing all I have learned in all my years of experience in the field. At a fundamental level, electricity is simply a difference in energy between two points. Given the opportunity though, faults can occur with destructive consequences. Simply put, grounding is the way that parts of an electrical circuit or system are connected to the earth. Grounding includes any grounding conductors, grounding electrodes, and the connections used to securely fasten these parts together. For our circuit protection devices to work properly, the connection to ground must be as low resistance as possible, so grounding electrodes must have as much surface area in contact with the ground as possible.

Why is Good Grounding Important?

Low impedance is the key to lightning protection. The ground electrode system must efficiently couple lightning surges into the ground by maximizing capacitive coupling to the soil. The resistance of the ground itself to lightning currents must also be minimized. Only when all these factors are taken into account will maximum lightning protection be achieved. Soil resistivity is an important design consideration.

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