Lean six sigma terms and definitions pdf

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lean six sigma terms and definitions pdf

The Statistical point of view of Quality: the Lean Six Sigma methodology

It is systematic, scientific and fact based. This closed-loop process eliminates unproductive steps, often focuses on new measurements, and applies technology for improvement. Strives for perfection. Quality Tools Associates are exposed to various tools and terms related to quality. Below are just a few of them. It helps reduce cycle time and defects while recognizing the value of individual contributions.
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What is Lean Six Sigma?

The Statistical point of view of Quality: the Lean Six Sigma methodology

Six Sigma and Lean are two quality improvement methodologies. The Lean Six Sigma methodology is applicable to repetitive procedures. Therefore, the use of this methodology in the health-care arena has focused mainly on areas of business operations, throughput, and case management and has focused on efficiency outcomes. After the revision of methodology, the paper presents a brief clinical example of the use of Lean Six Sigma as a quality improvement method in the reduction of the complications during and after lobectomies. Using Lean Six Sigma methodology, the multidisciplinary teams could identify multiple modifiable points across the surgical process.

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While both Lean and Six Sigma are business methodologies that aim to improve efficiency and effectiveness in organizations, there are theoretical and practical distinctions between them.
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What is Six Sigma?

Analysis of Variance: A statistical test for identifying significant differences between process or system treatments or conditions. It is done by comparing the variances around the means of the conditions being compared. Also called the mean, it is the arithmetic average of all of the sample values. It is calculated by adding all of the sample values together and dividing by the number of elements n in the sample. An individual who receives approximately four weeks training in DMAIC, analytical problem solving, and change management methods. A Black Belt is a full time Six Sigma team leader solving problems under the direction of a Champion. A comparison of the required operation width of a process or system to its actual performance width.

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