Robot analysis and control asada pdf

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robot analysis and control asada pdf

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Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems. This paper describes analysis and control for a holonomic omnidirectional mobile manipulator, in which the holonomic omnidirectional platform consists of three lateral orthogonal wheel assemblies and a mounted manipulator with three rotational joints is located at the center of gravity of the platform. We first introduce the kinematic model for the mobile manipulator and derive the dynamical model by using the Newton—Euler method, where a model which simultaneously takes account of features of both the manipulator and the mobile parts is given to analyze the effect of the movement of mounted manipulator on the platform. Then, the computed torque control and the resolved acceleration control methods are used to show that the holonomic omnidirectional mobile manipulator can be controlled so as to retain any end-effector position and orientation, irrespective of the direction of external applied force. The validity of the model and the effectiveness of the present mobile manipulator are proved by using several numerical simulations and 3D animations. Unable to display preview.
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Robot Analysis and Control

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Modelling and Control of Robot Manipulators pp Cite as. In the previous chapter, direct and inverse kinematics equations establishing the relationship between the joint variables and the end-effector position and orientation were derived. In this chapter, differential kinematics is presented which gives the relationship between the joint velocities and the corresponding end-effector linear and angular velocity. This mapping is described by a matrix, termed geometric Jacobian , which depends on the manipulator configuration. Alternatively, if the end-effector location is expressed with reference to a minimal representation in the operational space, it is possible to compute the Jacobian matrix via differentiation of the direct kinematics function with respect to the joint variables. The resulting Jacobian, termed analytical Jacobian , in general differs from the geometric one.

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Nonlinear Dynamics.
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Robot analysis and control. Autoraatica, Vol. Printed in Great Britain. Download PDF. Recommend Documents.

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