Clock and calendar questions pdf

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clock and calendar questions pdf

Clocks and Calendars Concepts and Questions | BankExamsToday

A clock has two hands: Hour hand and Minute hand. The minute hand M. Also, the clock is divided into 60 equal minute divisions. Therefore, each hour number is separated by five minute divisions. Clearly the minute hand must gain 20 minutes before two hands can be coincident. But the minute-hand gains 55 minutes in 60 minutes.
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Aptitude - Clock

A clock was 7 minutes behind the actual time on 3 p. When will it show the correct time? The quarter of the time from midnight to present time added to the half of the time from the present to midnight gives the present time. What is the present time? At 6'O clock, clock ticks 6 times.

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Important Questions on Clocks and Calendars for RRB Reasoning - Reasoning Class for NTPC & Group D

A clock is an instrument used for indicating and maintaining the time. It is an electronic device that presents the duration of an hour, minute and second. Different types of question covered in this chapter are as follows. The clock represents two things. Hence x minute space to be gained by minute hand over hour hand can be calculated as x. Ex: At what time between 2'O clock and 3'O clock the hands of the clock Ware opposite to each other.

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