Anthropological and sociological perspectives on culture and society pdf

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anthropological and sociological perspectives on culture and society pdf

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Patricia M. Anthropologists study culture. As a medical anthropologist interested in the role of culture in health care, I have been intrigued by the growing number of articles that point to organizational culture as an important factor related to quality of care [ 1 ]. Apparently one review cited 15 different definitions [ 2 ]. Culture is seen as an independent variable that can be manipulated through management interventions in order to achieve organizational goals. Research studies from this approach tend to reflect a positivist stance, using structured instruments which pre-define the institutional attributes of interest and explore the correlation between these attributes and the quality-related outcomes of interest.
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Anthropology, health and illness: an introduction to the concept of culture applied to the health sciences.

Sociology and Anthropology

The focus of medical professionalism has recently transitioned from expertise to social contract, emphasizing a need for health professionals to adjust their functional roles in line with societal expectations [ 1 ]. However, reform of the healthcare industry normally hinges on policymaking in national insurance and other schemes relevant to social well-being. Consequently, when doctor—patient relationships become straightforward, society at large seeks to determine whether health professionals are invariably altruistic or simply self-serving in their professional conduct [ 2 ]. In the s, sociologists found that many medical issues arose from the poor management of health-care systems, attributing these issues to failures on the part of governments, private healthcare providers, and health policies. Still, social expectations remain high for health professionals in their dual role as scientists and altruists [ 3 ]. Socialization refers to a process in which a person accepts or adapts to the sociocultural norms of a community and develops personal beliefs about them. As such, professional socialization can be seen as a process in which an adult develops the skills and knowledge to perform a job and a sense of belonging to the culture of his or her organization [ 4 ].

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Culture Versus Biology

As this evidence on kissing suggests, what seems to us a very natural, even instinctual act turns out not to be so natural and biological after all. Instead, kissing seems best understood as something we learn to enjoy from our culture, or the symbols, language, beliefs, values, and artifacts material objects that are part of a society., Social anthropology is the dominant constituent of anthropology throughout the United Kingdom and Commonwealth and much of Europe France in particular , [1] where it is distinguished from cultural anthropology.



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  1. Sociology and anthropology involve the systematic study of social life and culture in order to understand the causes and consequences of human action.

  2. Article Information, PDF download for Society and culture in sociological and the sociology of culture with the cultural anthropological consideration of society.

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